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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open morning January 2014

‘I would like to congratulate staff and pupils alike on the excellent morning’s work that I observed on Tuesday 22nd January 2014.  The teaching team worked so very hard to ensure that all children felt included and were encouraged to participate to the best of their ability. I was very impressed with the colour coded cups that were used to indicate any help needed and the system of learning partners, with children happy and encouraging each other, across all levels of ability.  Staff were kind and approachable, clear and concise and individual help and was given to all pupils in the class.  I came away feeling very proud and confident about my granddaughter’s education at Springbank.  The experience was outstanding.  Thanks to all concerned.’


Firstly doing about mummies- wrapping the mummy with real bandages was fun and interesting.  Plus listening to songs from horrible histories was a lovely way to learn.

Maths- ‘mistakes are not a problem, they are a challenge’.  What a lovely way to make children feel confident about maths.  Fantastic class as usual.’


Literacy- this was a very interesting lesson.  I thought the lesson was explained thoroughly and enthusiastically.  Then children were well controlled and worked well.  Miss Cowles interjected the lesson well with ideas to help the children to keep motivated and to encourage them.  An enjoyable lesson for adults and children which taught me some of the modern terminology which is used in literacy.  Using success criteria helps the children to achieve targets and recognise their success.’


Very impressed with the morning session.  Both teachers were fantastic with the children and their teaching skills.  The class was very much under control but very relaxed at the same time. Miss Hughes is a fantastic teacher.  Lolly sticks are a great idea.’


‘A really fun lesson- I enjoyed the mummification process- the children obviously did too. Thank you for making school such a fun and interesting place.  The maths lesson was engaging but obviously difficult to pitch as so many different levels of ability- it seems like you need to the ability to help lots of children all at once!  Well done!’


‘Symmetry lesson – It was very good to see the methods used to transfer the shapes.  Keeping up to current teaching methods helps at home (especially as my child tells me off if I show him a different way!)  I’ve only seen literacy and PE before so I enjoyed maths for a change.’


Maths – Really enjoyed the symmetry maths lesson and found the children learnt a lot.  Using the mirrors really helped.

Literacy – Really enjoyed it, good learning for entering the 500 words stories competition.  Can’t wait to listen to the stories that are written.’


‘Children very engaged and obviously really enjoying learning.  Always good to see how they can merge fun with learning.  Interesting to see how skills are used in different ways.’


‘Really enjoyed maths.  I’m glad I came as my child didn’t seem to have a learning partner (explained by the teacher working on ability tables). I don’t know how to translate shapes so it’s all something I can ask my child to teach me.  The second lesson was right up my street, reading and reviewing stories.’


‘It was great to see how the children in 3T took part in their activities this morning.  They all joined in to make their mummified bodies- was lovely to hear how much the children had already learnt.  This lesson was great to watch and take part in!’


‘My child’s literacy lesson was really, really interesting- listening to how pupils used different words to describe and write the own individual stories.  It also gave me a chance to see how my child works within the lesson.’


I really enjoyed the interactive learning and mummifying with the children.  Even my youngest was interested in what they did.  Also seeing my child doing his maths lesson as it was lovely to see how he is progressing.’


An interesting challenge for the children, reading stories and writing their opinions of the story on post-it-notes.  The children were a bit excitable at times because come of the stories were funny.  Good, clean instructions from Miss Craig and she challenged the children on their opinions at the end.  An enjoyable session.  It excited the children about writing their stories.’


I really enjoyed Mr Chapman’s lesson this morning.  It was interesting, informative and informal. He explained everything step by step and involved the whole class. He encouraged everyone with their work.’


‘Thoroughly enjoyable, really nice to see my child and the class interacting and enjoying her learning.  The lesson was informative, interacting and fun. I love how Mr Chapman injects fun and humour into his lessons.’


‘A lovely, calm, quiet class.  A really interesting literacy lesson.  There were lots of clear instructions and all the children appeared interested. They had a good opportunity to be involved and answer questions throughout the lesson.’


Maths – Showed how they use a number line to look at time, which will help with my child’s homework. I found it very useful to see the children write their own feedback on their learning.’


‘The children were all very attentive and interested in the art lesson.  The art lesson was about designing Paisley patterns; the children were enthusiastic and full of ideas.  I can’t wait to see the finished products.’


Very enthusiastic lessons, makes learning fun and interesting.  Really informative and exciting art lesson.’


Really enjoyed my child’s literacy lesson and am looking forward to reading her completed story about the plane crash!’


I have enjoyed the maths lesson; it is amazing what you remember!  It’s good to see that all the class are made to be involved and participate.’


I particularly like how Miss Hughes creates a supportive and stress free learning environment in the classroom.  Once again all the children are encouraged to participate and add to the discussion when analysing the subject or learning objective.  It is clear that the children all know how to behave in class and encourage and support each other.  Again I enjoyed this lesson.  Well done!’


A very interactive lesson that gets everyone involved.  All issues and corrections are discussed as a group to come up with the best answers and solutions.  Attention to all the children rather than just some was more than obvious.  The classroom environment was really encouraging team work and support.  Humour and enthusiasm was also evident. I enjoyed viewing this lesson.  Well done!’


‘Had the opportunity to sit in on a numeracy class studying symmetry.  My child, although in Miss Craig’s class, was working on a lower challenge.  My child is not used to this but the patience, guidance and encouragement given to her and another child was lovely.  You could see the gradual improvement and understanding of the task and the look on their faces at their own personal achievements. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and was happy to know that each child is encouraged to work at their own pace and not treated as ‘holding everyone up’. Thank you.’


Think the child’s feedback comments and the baseline for the next lesson are great!’


Made to feel welcome even with younger children, who had paper/pencils supplied to do some drawing.  Found the lesson interesting and even joined in with the art work the children were doing.’


Today they were learning about mummies which involved demonstrating the mummification process on a doll.  I thought this was a very good way to do this however 1 doll between 3 children didn’t always work as not all children got to take part and the teacher never told them to share.’

School response: We will buy some more dolls so the children can work in pairs in future.  The children regularly have the opportunity to work in small groups to encourage team work and sharing which they know they should do.  We will remind them!


Children listened and interacted well with their teacher.  They were enthusiastic with objectives and tasks set and not afraid to share examples of their work. The whole class were motivated with the lesson.  Very good! Thanks.’


Impressed with how much the children enjoyed the lessons and how different abilities are given help.’


Thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback following the open morning.  We are really pleased that everyone had such a great time!