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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open afternoon March 2014

The Tudor family tree was a good follow up activity after their visit to Temple Newsam.  I enjoyed seeing the children being tested on their knowledge of the Tudors.  My child really enjoyed the school trip and has enjoyed what he’s learned so far for the class topic.  All the children were very involved in the activity.  I always enjoy visiting the school open days.  Thank you Mr White.’


‘Brilliant afternoon in the garden making impressions on the clay pots.  Great to see the whole class excited and having fun.  I then attended ICT, fantastic to see how the children could make their own films.  Lots of imagination.  I definitely learnt something.  Never seen so many Sammy Soils!!  Thank you.’


All the children loved the hockey and all seemed to be enjoying it and learning new skills.

Enjoyed watching the hockey lesson.  Good to see that the children understood the safety aspects and had lots of fun.’


‘Very informative.  I liked the way children were given clues.  Could be a bit chaotic but all the children seemed to have learnt a lot more than they knew at the beginning of the lesson. Reading the Iron Man, all the children were engaged.’


‘It was very clear that 5C know far more about the history of Henry Vlll than I do!  The lesson was really enjoyable and the afternoon passed quickly.’


Loved seeing the children using the computers to make their own story timeline videos.  Showed how advanced the children are at using the computers.’


Was very interesting to see the computer technology in action- very enjoyable for us all.  Thank you.’


‘Observed ‘hockey lesson’.  Lots of fun had by all.  Please let me know if they require equipment/clothing to support sports as there was a reference to shin pads which I’m happy to provide.  I then sat in a phonics lesson.  Great to see all the class working together.  Great opportunity to see all of the lovely work around the classroom.’


It was lovely that I could bring my 1 year old grandson and be welcome.  The animations all the children have done are fantastic.’


What a fun lesson!  I really enjoyed it!’


It was enlightening watching my child in his ICT class.  What a good idea to let the children help each other with the computers, passing on their knowledge.’


It was nice to see my son in his class; I enjoyed it.’


Class well-structured and supported. I thought this was a good way of looking at grammatical errors.  I remember grammar being so much drier when I was at school.’


I watched a hockey lesson; lovely to see how much fun the children had and how well they responded to the teacher, Ash.  Behaviour was great; they responded well to Ask and to Miss Hughes.’


Great to come and see the class in ICT!  Super activity and all the kids seemed to really enjoy the task.  Thank you.’


‘Great to see Molly and her classmates enjoying the ICT suite.  It is lovely to see her using her imagination.  Many thanks.’


Brilliant!  I love coming in and seeing the school in action.  Very impressed with what I saw.  Keep up the good work.  10/10!’


I have enjoyed visiting 3C this afternoon.  I thought the lesson in the ICT suite was a fun way of learning.  The children enjoyed the pottery!’


It was really good to come and see a class being taught and to be able to join in with it.  The children really enjoyed making the clay pots.’


ICT and History lesson; very good session.  Helps the children to be imaginative.  Thank you very much.’


Good to see and join in.  Children are always different in class and with their friends.  Nice to see them doing something that they really enjoy.’


Very organised class.  All the children had roles to carry out.  We learnt about the Tudor family tree.  Mr White was very patient listening to the children’s answers and asking them how they came to that conclusion.  In the words of Mr White it was a ‘good choice’ to come today!  The children are very clever and good at listening.  Even I’ve learnt a thing or two!’


Excellent reading on carpet with Mr White.  Very well organised in terms of all the children getting involved and learning new words.  Brilliant learning on Roman numerals.  Fantastic learning of Tudor topic- very well explained and children’s involvement was brilliant.  Excellent history session.’


Great to see the children learning using interesting and varied techniques.  Good to see children interact with each other for their learning.  These are always enjoyable!’


I really enjoyed both lessons, especially ICT.  I was impressed with their IT skills.  It was nice for the children to go outside too.  As always Miss Tabberer was very enthusiastic which the children loved- well done and thanks for the opportunity to watch my child at school.’


Thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback following the open afternoon.  We are really pleased that everyone had such a great time!