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Feedback from KS1 and KS2 Open morning October 2017

Feedback from Year 1 parents


‘My child has shown me what she has done the last few weeks and has come a long way.  She has also shown me what she does outside and who she plays with.  I’m looking forward to seeing what she achieves in the next half term.’


‘My child was practicing her handwriting, she showed confidence and persistence.’


‘Didn’t see much as it was play time unfortunately and my child was doing indoor play the rest of the time.  Think her teacher did well to manage the class on her own.’


‘Really enjoyed seeing what my child gets up to as part of his school day.  Beneficial to see how activities and instructions are broken down and the language used.  Nice to be involved in the challenges and see my child at work.’


‘Liked the maths display, electronic board instead of chalk – really good as you can display more.  Prototype – a very big word.  Please can I have a big chair next time my knees creak (A Grandad).’

School reponse: Of course!


‘Lovely to see my child in her class today.  Everyone was so busy.  My child wanted me to read a story.  I read to her and another child.  It was a very busy class doing lots of fun learning.  Thank you.’


‘Thank you, it was good to see some of the activities they are doing.’


‘Great to see how the children are being taught and how she reacts with her peers.  My child made a split –pin lion.’


‘What a lovely atmosphere in class.  All the children are engaged in learning and seem to have learned some very complex ideas about designing/making animals.  Great lesson!’


‘I attended the open session for Year 1, 3, 5 all very interesting.  I really enjoyed the bingo in year 3.’



Feedback from Year 2 parents



‘I enjoyed learning about different varieties of animals and seeing how my child understood her learning.  It’s good to have the opportunity to join class and see the style of learning.’


'Lovely to see my child in his classroom learning and listening!'


‘It’s been a lovely afternoon being able to come into school and see everything that the children are learning they are all very clever.  I’m so happy my daughters come to this school.  Also the teachers are absolutely amazing.’


‘Enjoyed seeing what the class are learning about at the moment and the different tasks they are given, also nice to see them at play time and who they interact with.’


‘Great to see my child in his Gateway session, thanks for the opportunity.’


‘An enjoyable session.  Nice to get a feel for what the children are doing in Year 2 and how their learning is progressing.’


‘As a grandparent it’s great to see the modern way of teaching.  I love the interactive white-board and the tools the staff use to keep the children engaged (music, short sessions on different topics etc) but also the techniques used to control the class.  I really enjoyed my visit.’


‘Lovely interactive teaching lots of opportunities to move around and work with others.  Good rapport between teachers and pupils.  Enjoyed seeing my child read with Miss B, to get an idea of the questions you ask.’


‘An enjoyable session.  Good to see the variety of different work and learning done in class.  Lots of support given to the children from the teachers.’


‘Lovely, positive, relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.’


‘Enjoyed seeing the lovely learning environment.  Lots of creative ways for the children to concrete their learning.  Good behaviour, children all happy and having fun learning.’


‘Wonderful learning session.  Happy and engaged children, thank you.’



Feedback from Year 3 parents



‘A good opportunity to see 3C in action.  I enjoyed the lessons just as much as the children.’


‘We really enjoyed sitting in our child’s science class.  Staff were very welcoming and I found them very patient with the children.’


‘It’s a fantastic opportunity to see the children in their learning environment how they interact with the teacher and their peers.  Great variety in learning approaches, serious investigations and fun number games.’


‘Very interesting lesson.  I wish my classes had been that fun.’


‘I have really enjoyed spending time in my child’s class and seeing everyone at work.  The children were really engaged and having fun learning.’


‘I enjoyed doing science experiments with my child looking at shadows and reflections.  It was great to see her getting involved with group discussions and learning partner talks.’


‘Really nice to see ‘learning in action’ as opposed to just reading through class workbooks. Gamification (playing games) is a great tool to increase engagement so fantastic to see it being used in classrooms so well. 

PS I like the super sharp pencils.’


‘Lovely to see the children in lessons – great fun!’


‘Very good to see how the children are taught gives ideas of games to play to aid learning.’


Feedback from Year 4 parents


‘The children were learning how to applique patterns/animals from when they visited Leeds. Some of the children were struggling but Mr O’Dwyer reassured the children.  Good to see perseverance and determination being taught.  My child was enjoying the activity.’


‘Tomorrow I will facilitate a workshop on enabling high performance in teams.  I will be doing this at the University of Leeds to an audience of Professors, Deans and Pro-Deans.  I now have some excellent examples of how to create the climate for high performance, drive focus, individualised learning, celebrating success and being a team together in a common purpose. Amazing!

PS I doubt I will ever get a Professor of Bio-Chemistry singing The Final Countdown – I’m not that good or brave.’


‘It was great to see the class sewing lesson.  There was a lovely buzz around the classroom as they were sewing.  I especially enjoyed the tidy-up to the Final Countdown.  Mr O’Dwyer brings out the best in the children.  The session ended with a class read, very entertaining – fabulous singing and lots of giggling.’


‘Great to see my child working in class and playing the violin.  Great activities and all children were happy and involved.’


‘Really nice to see my child in his new classroom.  His new teacher seems very good with the children.’


‘What fun we had sewing! The children were really enjoying the challenge and it was good to see how proud they were of the work.  Thanks for letting me have a go too.’


‘We enjoyed seeing all the children sewing.  We had a go but were not as good as the class.’


‘I enjoyed both sessions (both children) – I did prefer the previous sessions when one was in year 3 and the other was in Mrs Bennett’s reception class only because I felt we were able to speak more about what they were learning.  Mrs Bennett took the time to talk to the adults and show us the work our children had been doing. However, I did enjoy seeing them both and seeing how they interact with their friends and I enjoyed talking to the other children too.’

School reponse: It is more difficult for teachers in Years 1 to Year 6 to talk to parents as they are usually teaching the whole class.  It is different in Reception when children are engaged in purposefuly activities around the classroom so the teachers do use the open sessions for Reception parents to spend time talking to them and sharing learning.  But if you ever want to come in and talk to the teachers, they are availbale before and after school - we have an open door policy so parents are always welcome!


‘Great craft lesson and lovely stories from the children.’


Feedback from Year 5 parents


‘Science lesson – Great group work and all pupils know exactly what was going on – very interactive.  Very calm classroom.  It was a really interesting experiment  All pupils really listened and were very calm.  Love the ‘voting with closed eyes! Love the random answers rather than hands up.  Thanks Miss Clark.  When the children were recording their findings they were so quiet and all on task.  They used the science board to help.  Impressive!’


‘Observed Miss Clark talking about filter paper and the experiments.  The class was totally engaged.’


‘Shared experiment with my child (filtration).  Practical learning the children worked in a small team.  Very switched on to learning.’


‘Excellent learning session.  I learned something valuable re science and filtration.  Great concentration and learning experience in class.  Thank you.’


Feedback from Year 6 parents




‘A bit of history with Mr Chapman – fun.  Drum lesson – good very engaging teacher.’


‘It’s lovely to see the children enjoying history and learning interesting facts about WW2.  I don’t always get chance to attend the open sessions but when I am able they always impress me with what I see and learn.  Thank you.’


‘I loved the use of different types of media in the History lesson, especially the movie clip! Mr Chapman really challenged the children to think about the key events in the war and what would have happened if we lost the Battle of Britain.’