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Feedback from KS2 and Y1 Open morning April 2017

‘As a grandparent it’s great to see the modern way of teaching.  I love the interactive white-board and the tools the staff use to keep the children engaged (music, short sessions on different topics etc) but also the techniques used to control the class.  I really enjoyed my visit.’


‘Lovely interactive teaching lots of opportunities to move around and work with others.  Good rapport between teachers and pupils.  Enjoyed seeing my child read with Miss B, to get an idea of the questions you ask.’


‘An enjoyable session.  Good to see the variety of different work and learning done in class.  Lots of support given to the children from the teachers.’


‘Fantastic to see the class in action.  A great learning environment with excellent facilities.’


‘It has been lovely to be in the classroom to see my child participating in her lessons.  This will also help her self-esteem as I will be able to give her lots of praise for how well she is doing in school.  It was nice to see the systems that the teachers use (e.g. traffic light system/star) and the visual timetable on the board – my child knew what she needed to do before break time! A lovely morning – thank you.’


‘Great fun, interactive phonics session.  I loved the ‘glass’ on the handwriting guide on the whiteboard.  Thank you.’


‘It was good to watch my child in her class setting and see her interaction with the other children and the teacher, also to see the structure of learning time.'


‘Lovely to see the children learning through a range of different activities.' 


‘It’s always nice to visit my child in her classroom.  It doesn’t matter what they are learning, it is always delivered in a fun, happy and exciting way.'


‘Good to see what my child does in school – I’d like to come in at lunchtime and see what happens then.'
‘I really enjoyed having an insight into my child’s school day, thank you.  It’s interesting to see if he listens and how he works in partnership.  Also helpful to see what bits and bobs are on the walls in class and do gain a better understanding of his learning.'


‘As usual I loved the open session, I find it useful so that I can help with home learning.  I enjoy watching how the staff and children interact.  Fantastic teaching and learning again, showing a different lesson than last time.'


‘It was lovely to see all the children very engaged and enjoying all the varied and interesting tasks being undertaken.'


‘Good way of learning fractions/maths’.


‘Good to see him in a classroom environment whilst in a lesson and not just looking through his books after school.’


‘Good fun lesson on fractions, great to be part of the learning.’


‘Great lesson just wish we had this kind of teaching when I was a boy.’


‘Thank you! Fidgety toddler so couldn’t stay long but great to see how the learning partners work together.’


‘The literacy lesson I sat in on was really complicated! I can’t believe how much they have to learn in Year 3!  However the children seemed to enjoy the lesson and know far more that I do about adverbial phrases.  Miss H had great control over the lesson and most children were fully engaged.’


‘Writing class was really interesting engaging the children at each stage each part of the lesson was punctuated by practical tasks after the explanation.  Although it did seem very fast paced and not all the tasks were completed in the time frame set.  I certainly learnt things (we didn’t study this as in depth when I was at school).’


‘A great lesson about fractions – the children were really engaged and seemed to understand fractions well.  Thanks for having me.’


‘Thank you for letting me visit your lesson my child really enjoyed being able to share her learning! Good to have the dienes to work out answers practically first. (Some confusion between vocab multiple/factor, sorry for pointing this out).’


‘Really enjoyed the session, I hated fractions at school but Miss Sheehan explained to the class really well, very impressed.  Great teacher!  Thank you.’


‘Loved how the children were encouraged to have an open discussion about how animals were created.  They were all very enthusiastic.  The class was quite challenging for the children and raised interesting questions.  Loved the bingo timetables – we’ll be doing that at home.’


‘It has been really nice to be part of the RE lesson this morning and hearing my child’s views, questions and answers.  As a parent, it is great to have the opportunity to attend the lessons – and I look forward to speaking to my child about the visit at home. Thank you.’


‘Great, thoughtful RE lesson about the Jewish story of creation.  Super discussions with pupils.  Great behaviour.  All children involved and really interested.  Very calm atmosphere.  Thank you.’


‘A very thought provoking subject was taught giving the class a lot of opportunities to think about the huge topic of creation of the earth and life.  It was good to see how engaged the children were in the subject and how various subjects including RE were brought into the discussion.’


‘Great lesson, kids engaged and contemplating ideas.  Thank you for running open sessions.’


‘Controlled, calm and engaging – impressive ‘guided reading lesson’.  First time I have ever enjoyed mood music to encourage concentration. A+’


‘We enjoyed the maths lesson and found it interesting how the same problem can be solved with different methods.’


‘Calm and encouraging atmosphere to allow the children to consider and reflect on their answers to their guided reading explanations.’


‘Useful practice of ‘tricky’ past tense information (starter). Exciting hook with ‘Dr Who’ music as introduction with letter presented in scrolls (text on letter was a bit hard for quite a few children to read).  Children covered lots of work when text editing the letter (features/punctuation/texts/vocab). Displays (working walls) used well within the lesson.  Thank you for letting us in to your classroom.  I enjoyed the lesson and my child loved being able to share her learning with me.’


‘Enjoyed the SATs revision during a quiz/cohort.  Excellent teamwork by the children.’


‘Really enjoyed visiting my child at school had a great time.’


‘Brilliant team work.  I-Pad online game – parents even joined in too.  Fun, fast, interactive! (I only watched 30 mins but it was great)  Thank you.’


‘My child and her class friends were enjoying searching for grammar questions ………..far too advanced for dad but I had fun running around with her.’


‘The SATs revision session was a great way of getting the children to practice.  Glad to see them not just doing papers for a change!’


‘The class were afforded the freedom to roam the corridors in pairs which encouraged investigation, curiosity and learning in their ‘Grammar Hunt’ lesson. A+’


‘Excellent interactive session that the children really enjoyed.  Really lovely to see them working together and excited to find the questions.’


‘What a fantastic open morning – spelling, but we were able to log onto the app and play along with our children – lots of fun and learning too.’


‘Fun and interactive session.  Great to see the kids having such fun whilst learning.  Thank you.’


‘Really enjoyed this morning’s lesson.  We joined in the spelling test which was fun.  It was nice to be out of the classroom and the children had much more energy moving around the school.’


‘I enjoyed joining my child and watching her complete her work.’


‘Great lesson! Challenged my spelling.’


‘What a fun lesson – we enjoyed joining in the quiz and were impressed by the kid’s speediness.  They really enjoyed the treasure hunt style quiz too.  What a great way to get them thinking and interacting while learning – it must be difficult to find new and interesting ways to go through the same work!  Thanks for having us!’