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Feedback from Reception Parent Open sessions November 2015

'I really enjoyed coming in to see my child at school. She was really confident  and proud to show me what she enjoys to do and what she is good at. It was pleasing to see her come out of her shell with me to give her support so she could show her teachers how jolly and clever she really is. I enjoyed spending the time with my child, getting to know what she does and to see her school in action.  Very happy with the visit.'


'Really enjoyed attending the open session. The children all appear very happy and engaged in their free playing activities. Thanks for the one to one reading session with my child. Great group read session.'


'Classroom is full of lots of creative learning opportunities. Children clearly having fun. Carpet time was lovely  to see. Lots of different ways to engage the children . My child is loving school!'


'Lovely to see what my child gets up to at school.'


'It was lovely to see my child in class and for him to have the opportunity to show me some of his favourite things at school. He was excited to show me the areas of play. Useful  to gain some tips about how to support Owen with his writing.

Great to see some of the systems used in class as it can be a mystery with the little pieces of information that they feed back to us.'


'I loved the open afternoon session. I felt it helped me understand what my child did all day. It was great to see all the activities on offer and I loved watching her work and interact with her friends.  Next time I would like to see how I can help my child learn at home.  Thank you so much to all the staff. I look forward to next time.'


'It was so lovely to be able to watch my child play and to see how she acts at school.'


'The open afternoon session was a great experience. Seeing my child in his own school environment was enlightening and I felt a sense of reassurance that he is so comfortable with his learning. Thank you very much for providing the parents the opportunity to experience an afternoon in our child’s school environment.'


'I’ve been very pleased with the progress my child has made; he’s settled in really well and loves coming to school. I don’t think there is anything as a school you could improve on. I think the teachers and teaching assistants are doing an amazing job.'


'I enjoyed coming into reception today. The boys showed me how they write a sentence. They enjoyed showing me the mud pit!'


'A good session to see what the children do during their day and how they interact with others.'


'Was good to see what happened during the day and what she gets up to.'


'Lovely afternoon in reception class.  All the children busy and enjoying the different areas of the class. I had a lovely meal made for me in the home corner. The platter of clothes was particularly tasty!  A good guided reading session as whole class. All children were attentive and Miss H was great  at keeping the children engaged.'


'It was a lovely opportunity to experience my child’s school day. I was particularly impressed at tidy up time and reading on the carpet. All the children participated and seemed to really enjoy the structure and group learning.'


'I could only go in for half an hour but loved every minute! My child was so proud to show me round and let me use his peg. He was such a little man.  It was lovely to see all the children tidy up when asked and then sit on the mat to read and sing a quiet song – what an amazing job you are doing!! Thank you.'


'I really enjoyed seeing how the children learn phonics in a group and the children looked like they were enjoying the visuals on the computer and seemed to be helping each other learn as a group.  I enjoyed hearing how directions are used to help the children learn how to organise their play. “Choose it, use it, put it back” is said by my child at home and he has started to tidy up more and respect sharing toys and looking after them. He has learnt this at school due to the language used.  The outside activities were great for co-ordination and turn taking too; the children were organising themselves well with the queuing systems and timers.'


'Lovely to came in and see my child reading and carpet time. Very impressed with her reading. Would have liked to have seen her do maths too.  On the carpet I noticed it was hard to hear and difficult for the children to concentrate .  Loved coming in and liked how there were several days as options to come in so I would definitely come and see her.'


'FANTASTIC! Wonderful opportunity to see my child interact with her school friends. Very special. Thank you.'


'I have really enjoyed  my time in reception today. All the teachers are brilliant and do an amazing job. It was good to see how you sound the words out with them so I can do the same at home.'


'I enjoyed the visit this afternoon. It was nice to see all the different areas and things to play with; my child enjoyed showing me. Thank you.'


'It’s been lovely coming to see my child at reception, the classroom is amazing and my child seems to have popped out of her shell so much. She has learnt so much. I’m so proud and happy that she came to this school. Thank you so much to you Mrs Bennett.'


'It was really good to see the activities they play with and my child’s interaction with the other children. Group time was interesting to watch although they didn’t seem to interact with anyone in the learning partner sections. It was also nice to have some chance to talk 1 to 1 with the teachers.'


'Thank you. A very good workshop and afternoon with my son. Really enjoyed it.'