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Feedback from KS1 and KS2 Open afternoon January 2018

Feedback from Year 1 parents


‘Great to see one child doing a maths class, lovely to see my other child with her classmates.’


‘Lots of different tables with exciting activities to do and interesting learning.  Great idea to change activities and move round tables every few minutes to keep children interested.  I learnt a few new facts about how animals keep warm in winter.’


‘My child did well showing me what and where the names on the body she coloured in and shared with me how and where the pictures of the season were and cut them out.’


 ‘Great to interact with my son in class and learn more about the topics.  Thank you Miss Berry.’


‘Very interactive weather and seasons work, everyone had fun while working.’


‘Great to see my daughter take part in the activities on her own and then on the one with Miss Berry.  I loved hearing show and tell and the questions from the other children.’


‘Good concept of adapting/migrating and hibernating of animals.’


‘Winter well taught, like how they hit the topic at all angles.’


‘I was sorry to miss lots of my son’s activities – it looked like it was a fun lesson.  The class were deep in concentration when I arrived and all seemed to be enjoying their work.  Thanks, I also like the way both Miss Dean and Miss Henson used a whispered voice to get the children’s attention rather than shouting.’


Feedback from Year 2 parents


‘It was nice to see my daughter in class she is growing in confidence and putting her hand up more to answer questions.  Her book is neat and she seems to understand what she is working on.’


‘Really good session again, interactive, fun and was a great help for advise on home learning.  I always enjoy coming in to see how she acts in class.’


‘I loved seeing just how clever my daughter is.  At home we tend to see the tired little girl that just wants to eat yoghurts and watch TV.  She works really well with her partner and she is very quick at working out answers to the questions.  I love open days so I can see just how good she is in the school environment.  Thank you as always for the opportunity.’


‘Interesting lesson about the Enormous Crocodile.’


‘The teacher and class were very involved in the lesson, children were very good and listened well.’


Feedback from Year 3 parents


‘Had a good time working and helping my son do some maths dividing sums.  I like the open afternoon/times as I get a chance to see him working.  Thank you.’


‘Can I come for more maths lessons – I could do with a refresher.’


‘My child didn’t want to ask for help with his dividing.  I think he got the grasp of it but was unsure.’


‘Maths lesson – all seems very complicated to me but fortunately the kids seemed to be fully involved and getting the correct answers.’


‘Find the lessons interesting and learned a lot myself, children well behaved and engaged in their learning.’


‘Today was really good in class, all the children were engaged in the maths and it made me think also.’


‘I really enjoyed visiting my daughter in class especially when she was having 1-2-1 learning.  It was good to see how well she is progressing.  In maths she seemed to really understand what to do and quickly got on with it.’


‘Good to see how maths is taught at school helps for home work.’


‘Maths – The challenge 1 seemed quite easy for him.  Challenge 2 was more difficult but I feel he could have been challenged further.’

School response:  Thank you for your feedback.  I followed this up with the class teacher and the challenges were set based on learning from the day before and so the teacher felt more practice was needed before moving on to the harder challenges.


Feedback from Year 4 parents


‘Great lesson and I can see why she enjoys school so much.’


‘A fascinating insight into Mr O’Dwyer’s teaching methods and very impressive.  However he seems to have a small number of pupils adrift from the mainstream.  Good luck with those.’

School response: Every school will have children who have specific learning needs and we are no different. It can be a challenge but the staff are skilled at ensuring all children are engaged in learning that meets their individual needs.  


‘My son was working well when I arrived and seemed to understand the task, he spoke well to the whole class, really please with him today.’


‘Literature – understanding what a word meant, it was interesting to hear children’s interpretations of words v looking up in a dictionary – often we forget what they don’t know. P 4 C – Children seemed excited to be doing this – lovely to see the children all thinking about their answers and listening to each others opinions.  (Writing on the board was a bit little for question quadrant though.’


‘Hard lesson – philosophy discussion went OK but hard subject – quite a few children chose to stay quiet – not sure how all could be included (involved in discussion).’

School response: 


‘Observed a circle time – questions and answers session, very noisy from the hall and classroom behind – not sure all the children could actually hear each other speaking – I couldn’t.’


‘My child and other children, didn’t seem very interested in the topic.’


Feedback from Year 5 parents


‘Excellent open afternoon as usual, enjoyed it very much always fun and entertaining.’


‘Really enjoyed being part of the class and seeing them work together as a team.’


‘Children worked well together in mixed groups.’


‘Amazing experience! Great to participate and observe classroom environment and my son’s interaction with his teacher and classmates.  An engaged, excited class environment also important to be privy to my child’s conduct in class, helping to guide and reinforce appropriate behaviours.’


Feedback from Year 6 parents


‘French – Lovely interactive lesson with whiteboard use and fully interactive with all students speaking. Fun to watch and listen, more student disruption than I am used to seeing in lessons.’


‘French – I found the class disengaged with the lesson – the lesson seemed slow paced compared to other lessons I’ve sat in on. Geography – This was a fantastic, enjoyable and engaging lesson – the children looked to be enjoying the lesson.’


‘Observed him doing Alpha to Omega with Mrs Cowley and Nessy – the children seemed to enjoy this very much.’


‘All well under control and surprisingly calm.’


‘Enjoyed the lesson – more interesting than when I was at school.’