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Feedback from KS1 and KS2 Open afternoon March 2019

Feedback from Year 1 parents


‘A very enjoyable afternoon.  It is great to be part of a hands-on class.’


Feedback from Year 2 parents


‘Very hectic but the children seemed to love it.’


‘It was very nice to see how well they work together and help each other.’


‘Children shared nicely to make collages.  It was good fun to join in.’


‘Lovely imaginative session.  Absolutely love seeing how engaged they always are.  Thank you Springbank.’


‘A very informative afternoon.  The children were very engaged with the lesson and were keen to answer the questions after careful thought, (science lesson).  Very impressed with the quality of some of the handwriting I saw.’


‘Fantastic work from the children. Very well behaved and organised, lots of busy children.’



‘Great afternoon, super to see them learning.’


Feedback from Year 3 parents


‘Chose to draw the Fleece Pub lovely to see her attention to detail and how much effort she was putting in.’


‘Pastel Art – Very messy but looked great fun – good depth of work by the children, allows them to be expressive.’


‘I love coming in to see my child in her classroom.  I get to see how well she is doing.  I often don’t believe the teachers at parents evenings as they seem to be talking about a different child (ha ha).  She really is a different girl at school, it is so nice to see.  My younger child loved his time today and drew you a little picture.’


‘Came in mid-way through the sketching/pastel work of their selected heritage buildings in Farsley.  Some amazing work going on with everyone, great focus and concentration as well as enthusiasm.  Speed spelling was very well done to as well as paired hangman spelling.


Feedback from Year 4 parents


‘I always enjoy open session and seeing what the children are learning and doing.’


‘Nice to be involved and to see their work and classroom setting.’


‘We really enjoyed the art session this afternoon, especially seeing the different approaches and styles the children used.  Thank you.’


‘I really enjoyed watching her sketch Springbank Mills.  She seemed very confident in class and very happy to speak to her teacher to check her progress. She put lots of effort into her picture.’


‘Joined Art, the children were very engaged with doing a watercolour of Springbank Mills, great artwork.  Lovely lesson.  Thank you.’


‘Lovely to observe the children working.  It’s good to have the opportunity to attend.’


Feedback from Year 5 parents


‘Fantastic work from the class.  Very well behaved.’


‘Excellent, kids were all very well behaved.  Nice happy working/learning environment.  They all had smiles on their faces.  Staff are fantastic and the kids love them to bits which makes learning much more enjoyable.  Well done.’


‘Fantastic lesson.  My nephew (aged 3) even got to join in and drew his own picture.  Really, really good fun whilst learning.’


‘Lovely afternoon, both classes enjoying art.  Happy calm environment with happy children.  Thank you for inviting us to join.’


Feedback from Year 6 parents


‘Really enjoyed open afternoon, always good to see what the children are working on.’


‘Lovely afternoon, both classes enjoying art, happy calm environment with happy children.  Thank you for inviting us to join.’