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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open morning October 2013

‘I have enjoyed my morning in 3C working alongside my child and her learning partner, , tasting different foods from around the world and recording the information.  Miss Charles is a fantastic, patient and calm teacher with 3C.  Thank you Miss Charles for letting me spend the morning in 3C I really enjoyed it.’


‘Brilliant insight into what happens in the classroom’


‘I joined the maths lesson.  The teacher explained everything clearly and made it fun by playing a game.  The children were encouraged to challenge themselves.  If refreshed my maths that will help me to help my child!  Very enjoyable, thank you.’


‘Thank you for opening up the lesson for parents to be involved.  Great to see children working on different challenges and sharing their work.  Really enjoyable, thank you.’


‘Brilliant, very informative and good fun!’


‘Enjoyed taking part in my child’s learning today.  All the children seemed to be enjoying the different aspects of the lesson.  Everyone was so friendly.  Liked to see the visualiser used to demonstrate the work.  My child loves school- I know why!! Thank you.’


‘I really enjoyed seeing what a project lesson would look like and seeing the children so engaged in their learning and enjoying it so much.  It was really good to see the books which showed progress over the last month; they are learning so fast!  Thank you for letting me come into this open session- I really enjoyed it.’


‘Really enjoyable lesson, great to see the whole class interacting together.  As usual a fun and interactive lesson.  Thank you, it’s great to see my child in his lesson and enjoying it so much.’


‘Open morning is a great opportunity to see our children in school, to see how they get on, what they’re learning, their classroom etc.  It was a privilege to be able to do it. Thank you.’


‘Enjoyed the morning.  Very informative and children enjoyed tasting their food from different countries.’


‘I thought the interactive lesson was lots of fun for the children.  They all got to try different foods from different countries and learnt about the food at the same time.  I’m sure my child wouldn’t have tried these foods at home!’


‘I thought that the demonstration was really well-organised and the children seemed to really enjoy it.  The children all joined and the teacher had good control over the class.’


‘It was very interesting seeing the classroom setting and how lesson are run. I found it very useful and I know my daughter has also appreciated having the opportunity to show me what she does in school.’


‘Yet again, a wonderful opportunity to observe another thoroughly engaging lesson.  It is interesting to see how the ‘big question’ filters down to cover so many different curriculum areas.  Many thanks!’


‘As always very well organised with the children’s security being maintained.’


‘As usual very interesting lessons, well behaved children and great interaction between teachers and children.’


‘Sat in on literacy with Mr Chapman, a fantastic class lesson.  The children were so engrossed.  Lovely lesson in Miss Tabberer’s class learning about fruits from around the world. Really got the children thinking and really nice that they got to taste different fruits.  Amazing what they can remember.’


‘This is the first open morning I’ve been able to come to.  It was lovely to see the children enjoying their learning.  The different challenge papers in Numeracy worked really well.  A fun way of learning, well done!’


‘Really enjoyed seeing my child in her maths class. I felt it was very structured and great for all kids at different levels.  Literacy was enjoyable for all the children and very interactive for all.  As always I was impressed with the teachers of Springbank.’


‘Great interactive lesson- really enjoyed it.  Thank you.’


‘Interaction between Miss Hughes and the children was very good.  Kids were clearly engaged with learning and asking excellent questions for which they were rightly praised.  More enjoyable than maths at my school.’


‘I enjoyed the learning and the way they are taught.  It was good to see how they were taught in maths as these ideas can be used at home.’


‘Really enjoyable maths and topic lesson.’


‘Fantastic- I really enjoyed it.  Very good maths lesson and good topic lesson.’


‘Helpful to see the methods used for comparing fractions and decimals, this will be useful for homework.  Interesting to see how the restaurant topic is progressing.  A really enjoyable morning.’


‘I really enjoyed the maths exercise in the hall- what an exciting way to learning fractions.  I didn’t realise they worked with the other classes, which I thought was a good idea too.  The children seem to be really engaged in their work and I think the opportunity to move around while working adds variety and fun to learning.’


'Good to see my son in his new Year 5 class.  I struggled to read the board in both lessons so I know my child will struggle. Enjoyed both lesson and feel the pace of work is picking up for the kids and making them think more and work harder.’

School response:  I have spoken to the teacher to ensure that the writing on the smartboard is made bigger and your child has been seated near the front of the classroom.


Thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback following the open morning.  We are really pleased that everyone had such a great time!