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Feedback from Reception Open afternoons May 2017

‘My child seems to be enjoying her lessons and gets stuck in with the others.’


‘Lovely to see how the children interact with each other.’


‘Lovely to see the studio – singing and dancing and I was taken round everything by my child.’


‘We will try the ‘how many words ….. minute’ huge difference from last September.  Loved seeing the confidence of the children – knowing their room and equipment, playing/negotiating together, talking to adults, steering the toddlers.  Thank you.’


'Really enjoyed coming in today.  Loved seeing my child in the small hall doing the songs/stories.  Then playing outside, really appreciate these sessions.'


'Very enjoyable.  Good to see how much the children have come on since our last visit.  Interesting to watch the structured session on numbers.'


‘Great singing and dancing.  My child has sung odd bits at home.  Thank you.’


‘Another fantastic visit, thank you.  My child has come on so much since September and I love seeing him so happy in school.  I thought it was really good seeing him in a different environment and not just in his class room.  I also loved (even though it made me feel sad) that Year 1 teachers are starting to visit and Year 1 is being talked about.  Thanks for all your hard work as always.’


‘A really great opportunity as always to see my child and his classmates working/playing together.  Lovely to see indoor PE too.  Thanks as always for the opportunity to come in.’


‘Really enjoyed coming in this afternoon.  It was interesting to see PE as something different to other sessions.’


‘I’ve had a lovely afternoon.  My child had a great time with the dancing session – you could see the children’s enthusiasm.  Once we were back in the classroom he headed straight outside where the children were making the most of the new climbing equipment and sandpit.  Lovely to see the children having time to play, explore and make up stories.  The children are current engrossed in story-telling time – although I still find it difficult to concentrate on Miss H’s reading when I can hear Mrs B reading in the background! I’m still amazed at the kids focus on this!'


‘I really enjoyed the PE session today.  My child looked like she was having fun.  She mostly loved showing me outside today which was really great.  She was very confident today showing me around with her friends.  Thank you.’


‘Very informative.’


‘Enjoyed seeing Tiny Tweeties in action the class seemed to enjoy the creative flow!  Always like to see my child’s environment how he interacts and the kind of things he enjoys doing.  Glad I could sit with him to oversee his writing.  Always find these sessions valuable.’


‘Good to see what other activities they were doing outside the classroom.  It’s also nice to see the children be excited when they see their parents/grandparents.’