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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open afternoon October 2015

47 parents and carers attended this open afternoon.  Here is the feedback they gave us following time in their child's classroom.
'I think that this open afternoon was a very good idea'


'Clear instructions. Well structured achievable tasks. Use of spelling, maths, design. Enjoyed it and the children did as well.'


'I enjoyed observing the session. Children were engaged in the activity well and progressed in the task.'


'I saw my child doing topic work which was good. I would have liked to see more examples of work and thought this is what we would be doing.'

School response: The open sessions are an opportunity to join in the specific lessons that are taking place at the time rather than a time for looking through lots of examples of work.  There are opportunities during the year for parents to come in and see their child’s work such as parents evening and some year groups show their learning at exhibitions and assemblies for parents.   Last year one year group invited parents in towards the end of the day to share the work in their books which worked well so we will look at rolling this out across the school.


'The session was really interesting. The children had lots of fun analysing the workings of cardboard structures. Loved the lollipop stick system of choosing the children to answer questions.'


'Thank you for a lovely afternoon.  Lovely “hands on” activity learning about nets. All children were excited and well behaved.'


'It was really interesting to observe the lessons and learning and to watch my child in this environment.'


'Today I watched my child trying to do a timeline. It was interesting to see how she tried to sort the dates out. The children in the class were all trying hard and listened well when asked to do so. They were enthusiastic about doing the “secret project” which was good to see.'


'I have enjoyed helping the group today. Very impressed with the smartboard.'


'Miss Hughes had great control of the class and engaged all the children. I enjoy coming to the open sessions as it is nice to see the children in their learning environment.  My child is very happy in class. Thanks.'


'We really enjoyed taking part in today’s lessons. All the children were so well behaved and good listeners. They work really well in their tables/teams. We like the use of ICT mixed with traditional learning styles.'


'Great to watch and the children were well behaved. Mr O’Dwyer has great control of the class. Nice working environment.'


'Many thanks for allowing us to join your lesson.'


'I thought the “teach me, tell me” cards were a good idea for reinforcing learning. I am extremely happy with the improvements to my child’s handwriting. It was nice to see that although my child doesn’t want to come to school, whilst he is there he is obviously confident and interacts with his classmates and seems happy. I really liked the way that the children were encouraged to guess, try and take a risk and all were confident in doing so. Mr Chapman’s very interactive history lesson helped the children to think for themselves rather than just taking information on board without question. Wonderful! (and including those who do not readily put up their hands). Children really motivated and well behaved.'

School response:  We are pleased that you had the opportunity to see that your child is happy at school and mixes well with others.  Occasionally children may say they don’t want to come to school but the vast majority of time, once they are here, they enjoy school and are happy.  If any parents have any concerns about their child’s happiness at school, please get in touch and let us know so we can help; it is important to us that children feel safe and happy at school…happy children learn!


'Very interesting lesson. Clear tuition and the children enjoyed the topic and learning about historical time lines.'


'Lovely to see the children working together and helping each other out. A lovely atmosphere in the classroom. Mr O’Dwyer has much more patience than I have and deals with the noise, etc. well. Thanks for the opportunity to come in.'


'An interesting class where the children were engaged with the subject (seed germination). My only observation is that there were several children who didn’t seem to put their hands up to answer the questions ever and the same ones were picked several times. (sorry, I know this is probably not always the same!) Otherwise, a lovely, lively classroom with well behaved children.'

School response:  The teachers use a variety of strategies to during lessons to make sure that all children have the chance to respond to questions.  Strategies such as using lollipop sticks to randomly pick a child means that everyone has to be ready with an answer which ensures that no child can opt out of the thinking time.  Sometimes learning partners discussions are used which means that all children take part but only a few children will report back to the class.  At other times the teachers will ask questions aimed at particular children to check understanding so there is range of ways children answer questions in the classroom.


'It was great for me to see a positive change in my child’s attitude and ability to work independently. Thanks.'


'Had a lovely afternoon seeing my child and her friends producing time lines in history. It’s really nice to have the opportunity to come into the classroom and join in with their learning and see all the interaction in the classroom.'


'A lovely opportunity to see the class in action – most interesting and great to see the class enjoying and learning at the same time. Thank you.'



'Great to see 5B in their new class. Thank you again for allowing parents this time in class.'


'It was lovely to be able to meet my child’s new teacher and be able to see how well they have all settled in. The lessons were  really interesting and I even learnt something! All the children joined in and were enjoying the topic. A lovely open afternoon. Thank you.'


'Great teaching. Lots of praise. Lots of interaction with the children.'


'All the children were interested and had great ideas for the seeds! Very well behaved. Thanks.'


'The children engaged very well within the class. Miss Clark picked different children to answer questions. Very good class sessions.'


'As usual, very good interactive teaching!'


'Great to see everyone in their new classrooms. Thank you for this time in class. As always, great lesson, good discussions. Thanks.'


'Children attentive and engaged- they seemed interested. Behaviour was very good. A very happy environment. New classroom is great!'


Thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback following the open afternoon.  We are really pleased that everyone had such a great time!