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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open morning November 2014

‘Wow, an amazing lesson, enjoyed by all (including me!).  Lovely to see the children being so creative and using iPads.  Nice to once again see a classroom of enthusiastic children.  Well done, it was a pleasure to observe the lesson.’


‘It always amazes me how much the children learn from their classes.  Had great fun helping Year 4’s with the animations.’


‘A thoroughly engaging literacy lesson. It was lovely to see the children so animated about writing their adventure stories!  The use of a video clip of a volcanic eruption to inspire them was great.  Thanks.’


‘Good, varied lesson.  Children were attentive and keen to ask questions and be involved in the topic.  I liked the fact that the children were asked to positively review each other’s work.’


‘A really interesting lesson on Ancient Greeks. Good interaction with pupils and teacher.  Brilliant.’


‘An enjoyable lesson looking at how it must have felt to be a slave in Ancient Greece.  The children explored feelings of what it must have felt like to be ‘owned’.  There were some interesting discussions and comments.’


‘An enjoyable imaginative afternoon story writing class.  The short film sparked feelings and emotions for the children to use when they were describing what was happening around them.  It’s interesting to see how teaching methods have changed.’


‘I found the lesson very interesting- I learnt a few things!  It kept pace and the children were engaged.  Thought the use of the video worked really well for the children to experience feelings to use in their writing.’


‘Very engaging literacy session.  Like the way film was introduced to encourage ideas.’


'Thank you for this great experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed both lessons and spending time with both my children in class.  Great to see the children enjoying their lessons and showing lots of excitement.  Thank you.'


'The class were doing their topic when I got into class.  It was lovely to hear some of the work they were doing.  I was very impressed with the ICT room and how well the children use the computers.  They were also so well behaved.  Well done 5R is a very friendly class.'


‘Brilliant morning.  Can’t wait for the next one!’


‘I found the open morning really interesting.  I learnt things myself about being a slave in Ancient Greek times.’


‘What fun!  Can I come every day?  Great to watch the children being so enthusiastic about a lesson.  They all behaved really well and showed great levels of concentration.  Thank you for another fab lesson!’


‘Really enjoyed the maths session.  The class was really well managed.  Very good.’


‘Really enjoyed seeing my daughter in the classroom setting.  Thanks.’


'I really enjoyed my morning working in class alongside my child.  Fantastic teaching styles and a calm classroom.  The children work really well with Miss Hughes.  She is firm but fair with a lovely sense of humour.  She really makes learning a lot of fun.  I enjoyed both the numeracy and literacy sessions.’


'The session was useful to see what the children are learning.'


'I really enjoyed the numeracy lesson, great interaction, brilliant!'


'Great to observe the writing process in year 6 and to appreciate the amount of work that goes into a piece of writing.  In year 3 great to see the methods that you use so that I know how to help with homework.  Really enjoyed joining in and seeing the class engaged with numeracy.'


'Really enjoyed being able to sit in class.  The teacher had good control of the class and engaged all the children.  My child and her partner enjoyed looking for the answers and recording them.  My child tried very hard working on the time topic.'


Thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback following the open morning.  We are really pleased that everyone had such a great time!