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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open morning March 2015

‘Really enjoyed being part of 5B’s lesson. Great to see everyone listening and eager to answer the questions. Lots of good discussions on “parts of a flower”.  We then watched their PE lesson which was good fun.  Thank you for letting us share their lesson.’


‘Really enjoyable lesson, lots of interaction and clear to see everyone in Class 4CB found it fun.’


‘Great lesson. I really enjoyed it and learnt a few things too.  Thank you!’


‘I am pleased it was maths as I enjoy it but it made me think today. The time passed really quickly. My child knows things I don’t know about maths.’


‘I thought Miss Cowles’ lesson was excellent. She had the children’s full attention all the time. The lesson was educational and fun.’


‘Lovely watching them do their English and maths. Useful understanding of what they are doing in English and maths’


‘I like the workshop style learning, it involves all children and is very inclusive. The children found the exercise very enjoyable and seemed to take a lot in. The class quiz was great!’


‘I was really pleased that I caught my child in his maths lesson as this is a subject that he is good at and I wanted to see how interested he was… Excellent explanation from Miss Jenkins regarding the Level 6 paper (i.e. done in Yr. 9). I was amazed how my child listened – I am in awe of these children! How clever are they!

I was very impressed how they worked in their teams and how they explained their working outs to each other and how they listened to each other. Their enthusiasm was smashing to see. The entire class were fab and worked well  in their groups.’


‘The maths lesson was interesting. All the children were engaged in what they were doing and seemed to be enjoying working out the sums. They were confident in answering the questions. Overall, an enjoyable lesson to sit in.’


‘I love the way the children are encouraged to find their own way of working mathematical problems out using various techniques that they have learnt and for them to understand the reasoning behind their workings out.’


‘Very informative. It’s interesting to see the different methods of learning/teaching. I wish it had been as fun when I was at school’.


'Science – it was an interesting lesson on flowers, pollination, etc. There was excellent class participation and interaction. I like the fact that the children can discuss the subject with each other when working.’


'The children were working on their own in Miss Craig’s classroom. Miss Craig was quick to help when my child needed and explained things really well. She spent as much time as was needed with every child.’


‘Maths – the children were working well and very quietly when I entered the room. I think that checking answers with another child improves confidence and is a good way to learn.

Explaining how they have worked out their answers also helps with confidence.’


‘I really enjoyed the science lesson especially learning about how to identify types of rocks and whether they are permeable and float.’


'I really enjoyed sitting in on my child’s maths lesson. I was very impressed by the level of knowledge and learnt some new things myself.’


‘This was an interesting lesson. The children were engaged and asked relevant (and occasionally amusing) questions. I have learned things I didn’t know about reproduction. I must admit to being relieved that the subject matter was plants though!

Miss Ross handled the class well and dealt efficiently and effectively with occasional talking/fidgeting.'


‘We learnt a lot about out teeth today! The children were really engaged with the subject and seem to have taken on board all the learning objectives. Thanks for letting us join in!’


‘It has been very good learning about the human digestive system and very poignant at the moment for my child as he is currently undergoing investigation about his own digestive system so it has made it easier  to explain to him what is about to happen.’


‘I enjoyed watching my child  in class today. It was nice to see him working and he did well considering the noise and fast pace.’


‘Excellent afternoon, really enjoyed the lesson. Very interactive, loads of variety and all the children were engaged. Miss Cowles was very assertive which was great to see and sometimes needed. Excellent clear instructions given for every task.  Great afternoon – thank you’


‘Miss Cowles was very informative in the lessons. Would have been nice to have seen my child more interested and more involved.’


‘Super interactive lesson. All the children looked like they learnt a lot in a short space of time. I love “teach me tell me” Fab behaviour! Thank you for having us in.

It was funny to see all the children look at their teeth in the mirror! I learnt loads about teeth myself! Great options for different challenges!’


‘Learning about science and teeth today in 4H. Had a lovely time interacting with my child and the other children. I even learned a thing or two which I am not ashamed to admit. I love coming to these open afternoons and have never missed one. It’s a great way to see how and what your child is learning.’


‘I have learnt a lot in this open session. Thought “teach me tell me” was a great way of sharing facts and learning. Lesson was kept interesting with different ways of learning every minutes. Good that children could choose a challenge that they wanted to do.’