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Feedback from KS2 Open morning April 2016

30 parents and carers attended this open morning.  Here is the feedback they gave us following time in their child's classroom.
‘The lesson was good and structured but the lessons were both fast going, from one part to another.  I question how much my child really had the chance to understand although he was able to do his work.’


‘Engaging, had good control of the class and children seemed enthusiastic and interested.  Great differentiation with levels of work but perhaps a little face paced?’


'I have had a lovely morning thank you!  The lesson was very exciting and fun.  The children were very enthusiastic and I enjoyed them acting out the story as they read it together.’


‘Thank you for running this open session.  I have really enjoyed watching the teaching strategies for KS2 literacy.  It will help in supporting my child when he talks about the lessons at home.’


‘These sessions give a good insight into what my child is working on so at least I can assist home at home to me best ability.  The teaching is really thorough and the children are very confident.  No children seems to struggle and gets the attention and help they need. It’s very reassuring to see.  Also the children are very well behaved.’


‘Thoroughly enjoyed my time in 3R.  So well organised and the children were very well behaved and engaged.  Love ‘word jail’ and the way the sessions are timed.’


‘The activities were fun and engaging.  Not spending too long on each one seemed to maintain interest and focus.’


‘I enjoyed our session this morning, writing reviews about the Year 5 trip when they to Dunstan Hall earlier this week.  The children were given the chance to share ideas and discuss them as a group, then share them as a class.  Miss Clark has a fantastic teaching style.  The children were motivated for the whole session.  I enjoyed the reading sessions and working alongside the other children in the class.’


‘Very pleasant morning.  Children were very good.  It was more interesting that when I was at school.’


‘Enjoyed working with my child and helping out in the classroom.  They were talking about their Anglo Saxon trip which was interesting.’


‘Lovely to see all the children enjoying learning.  The class had a lovely atmosphere.  I even learned some maths problems.’


‘Lovely lesson on writing a review on the class trip to Dunstan Hall.  Very informative and interesting.  Everyone was involved and taking part.’


‘It is always very interesting to attend the open mornings.  It’s good to see everybody gets involved in everything so nobody is left out.  The teachers are always good.  I’m really pleased.  Book reading session was really good.’


‘Brilliant to be part of such an exciting lesson and I’m surprised to say this was grammar.  All the children loved it!  The teachers are a credit to the school for making it such fun.  Thank you’


‘Fantastic opportunity to see my child in his lesson, having fun and using his imagination.  Great to see the whole class so enthused.  Thank you.’


‘I like the table to help children evaluate their work but also encourage their peers to be editor and give them feedback.  My child struggled receiving peer support last year but I have seen this is now easier for him, probably because of exercise like this.’


‘It was really interesting to watch how interactive the lesson was and how much the children engaged with their learning.  Everyone was clear on what was expected of them and the lesson was fun whilst also capturing the children’s imaginations.’


‘Thank you for inviting us to see what you are learning about. It was an interesting session and I enjoyed it.’


‘Very interesting.  Children could do with new whiteboards and pens though!’


‘Great activity to keep students engaged in quite a dry subject (grammar).  Children were working well and having conversations about the work.  Also involved some maths as they were adding up the points!  Great idea.’


‘The children were well behaved.  I liked the idea of mixing classes and working together.’