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Feedback from KS1 and KS2 Open morning May 2018

Feedback from Year 1 parents


‘Thank you it was an amazing lesson, children were enthralled.  I want to come back to school… and make pop up books and read Oliver Jeffers!’


‘The children enjoyed the interactive reading lesson, good how children allowed to work independently and together.  Fab ways of getting children’s attention by rhymes and claps.’


‘Great interaction with the class and great visuals.  The class were gripped! Happy, well behaved class learning well.’


‘Miss Berry is wonderful with the students and I think she communicates really well with both parents and children.’


‘I enjoyed the lesson on writing (or preparing for writing)! I loved that it combined a bit of cutting and gluing, discussing and acting to help cement the story.  The children seemed really engaged and enjoyed the lesson.  Thank you!’


‘Lovely opportunity to be part of a lesson to see what and how the children learn.  My son had told me about the lost and found book so it was nice to her the story and listen to the children discussing the emotions and content of the narrative.  The re-enactment brought the story to life and was really fun!  Both me and my son love the open mornings, we always get lots from them.’


Feedback from Year 2 parents


‘Enjoyed learning about the block model and visual ways of comparing and doing subtractions.  Good to see kids moving about the classroom.’


‘I found it useful understanding how maths is taught in class to help me when I’m doing maths at home.’


‘Thought the different teaching styles were good to keep the children engaged.  I’d really like to see my daughter in a lunchtime setting I know this is probably hard to do, or a PE Lesson.’


‘Lovely to see how the children follow Mrs Darlison.  Very difficult to ensure whole class is at the same place/speed.  Very enjoyable, great teaching approach at a high tempo!.’


‘Really good seeing her in class.’


‘Always impressed with how engaged the children are and how many different strategies are used to keep them on task.  Love the opportunities for them to interact as a class then put their learning into action.  Lovely learning environment.’


Feedback from Year 3 parents


‘Nice to see her a bit more relaxed in class although easily distracted.  She did great with TTRS and seemed to understand the reading.  Nice to see her coming on.’


‘Very interesting.  Nice to be able to experience especially for my son who will soon be starting school.’


‘Year 3 interacted well with their teachers and the children enjoyed answering the questions set for them.  I was impressed by the level of thought that the children put into their responses.’


INTERACTIVE, GREAT STRUCTURE TO THE LESSON, VERY IMPRESSED WITH CLASS INTERACTION. All class seemed to be very happy and settled, amazed how all children were so well behaved.  So happy to see how settled my son is and how he seems to listen, understand and interact.  Very happy we chose Farsley Springbank – Thank you.’


‘I really enjoyed the session.  The children were very engaged and everyone had an opportunity to contribute.  It accommodated a mixture of learning styles.  I particularly enjoyed the African music as it helped set a relaxing environment.  When a parent had to leave and a child got upset, he was paired with another child for support and it didn’t prevent the others from learning.  There was a good mixture of learning and humour.’


‘Great open morning, good writing.'


‘A really good insight into classroom learning.  Relaxed but Mr Bradshaw kept very much in charge of the class – very enjoyable.’ (Dad)

‘Lovely to see him in class.  I enjoyed seeing and hearing what and how he learns.  Great to be able to join in and be a part of his day.  Thank you.’ (Mum).


Feedback from Year 4 parents


“What a fun lesson – DT on pop up books.  What I really enjoyed seeing was the willingness of children to help each other to do some of the trickier pop-ups.  There’s a lovely atmosphere in the class and I love that the kids know when to quieten down when necessary, but also discuss and join in when appropriate!”


‘Good lesson – fun – kids enjoyed but hard to learn the folding techniques, just from one try – I am sure they will all forget.’


‘DT – Clear concise easy to understand instructions.  Demonstrations and suggestions.  Got class to repeat back to define clarity.  Lovely system to get children’s attention.  Interesting topic encouraging and nurturing from Mr O’Dwyer wish I was 8.  Whilst I understand we need to sign in the system is quite time consuming.’

School response:  I appreciate the signing in system can take a few minutes, however it is essential as part of our safeguarding procedures that we know who is on the school premises.


‘Joined in a DT class, it was brilliant, Mr O’Dwyer showed the children what to do and they all listened and had a go, they came up with some creative ideas.  Mr O’Dwyer was so positive and patient with the children.’


‘Great, Mr O’Dwyer is a very talented teacher.’


‘Brilliant lesson learning how to do pop up pictures.  Mr O’Dwyer is so patient with the kids.’


‘I really enjoyed the class about making pop up mechanisms.  Mr O’Dwyer was really engaging and made the learning experience fun for the children.’


‘Lovely practical DT Lesson I enjoyed the demonstrations and discussion prior to children making their ‘mock up’ book.  My child clearly understood his objectives and enjoyed figuring out problems and solutions.  Nice Q and A session after too.  Thank you.’


Feedback from Year 5 parents


‘A really interesting and interactive session.  Who knew maths could be such fun!’


‘As usual loved the open morning, enjoyed watching how the children learn and how learning’s been made fun and helps always available using the cup method.’


‘Brilliant, Miss Owen really engaged the children and got them thinking quickly in a fun way with lots of praise.  I’ve never enjoyed maths before.’


Feedback from Year 6 parents


‘Lovely maths lesson.  Getting the kids to look for questions was great – great life skill as my son can’t see in front of his nose sometimes.’


‘I enjoyed both sessions – great idea with year 6 to get them working on their SATs in a fun way.  All kids looked really engaged with the class.’


‘Lovely to see the children working together so happily.  The school atmosphere is really calm and the children really seem eager to learn.  Great to be able to come into school and see it all first hand.’