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Feedback from KS2 Parent Open morning May 2014

‘Wonderful to see the children interacting with each other and the teachers.  Wide range of activities, children moving round the classroom kept it interesting for them.  All the children seemed motivated and keen to learn.  Amazed by the range of different teaching methods used, 2 hours flew by!  Children were completely focused, well-behaved and enjoying the lesson.  A pleasure to be part of the class, thank you.  Fantastic teachers and teaching assistants.’


‘I found this session very useful and really enjoyed the ways that the teacher kept the children’s attention and how they engaged with the subject.  Great idea!’


‘I liked how the class separated so the children could progress with their learning, despite individual abilities.  Excellent film on the giant which engaged the children.  Really enjoyed it again, thank you.’


Enjoyable lesson as usual.  Great to see learning through having fun.  On the wall there is a display ‘We are great learners because…’ definitely demonstrated during the lesson I attended. Thank you again for making this happen.’


Enjoyed todays numeracy lesson.  The children were very focused and engaged. Practical puzzle making was an interesting and hands on way of understanding the previous work.  I wish maths had been so interesting when I was at school.  Thank you.’


It was great to see the children discussing their amazon story plot.  Everyone was engaged in their work, looking to edit and refine it before moving onto the next part of the plot. I enjoyed listening to the variety of ideas.  Clearly the topic has captured their imaginations.’


Impressed- great to see the how the revision went.  Was surprised to see how my child’s confidence can be completely knocked when she doesn’t know something. Have not seen that before- enlightening.  Thank you.’


Really enjoyed maths.  I actually felt a help to my son and his learning partner. Didn’t stay long for PE as it was outside and I didn’t want to get wet before work.’


I have benefitted from understanding how the children are working out fractions so I can help at home if required.’


Enjoyed the maths class.  Interesting to see the working class.’


I am impressed with Miss Tabberer’s method of teaching. I thought she was very encouraging and made the lesson fun as well as educational.  My child also worked with Mrs Roberts who I found very helpful to each child’s individual needs.’


Really good maths lesson. Have learnt a lot form it myself.’


An interesting maths revision class.  I was impressed with the way that the children worked.’


I caught the end of the maths lesson which was enjoyable and interesting.  Then we looked at the water topic- connected to global warming.  Fascinating. I think I should come back to school!’


Very interactive teaching and a very pleasant atmosphere.’


The children are engaged and interested.  Always good to see good use of visual aids.  Like the feedback idea, allowing the children to think about more about how they have progressed.  Great fun PE lesson.’


Maths- helpful to see the methods used to find answers so that I don’t confuse him by using a different method.  Great to see a PE lesson.’


Really enjoyable lesson. Great to see all the children excited and interested in working together to work the problem out.  Brilliant opportunity to show your support to your child in school. Thank you.’


I found the maths lesson really interesting.  It was engaging and delivered at just the right pace so that no-one was left struggling, even if unsure of the method.  Many thanks!’


Slightly worried that the class teacher has angered a giant….but hoping this will inspire the children to write fantastic stories to appease him!  Well done on another captivating lesson.  I liked that all the children were encouraged to help each other with their work.’


Wonderful morning joining in and learning with my son and his classmates.  I love these sessions!  Thank you!’


Good learning activities.  Children were working in pairs which helps with confidence and team work.  Could only stay 10 minutes but from what I saw all the children were enjoying their learning.’


Very informative session. It makes it easier for parents to teach their children at home if they are having difficulty understanding such a topic.’


Great symmetry work.  Enjoyed it.’


Great, I love seeing my child working and seeing how proud she seems when I come into class.  It’s great to see how they learn at school and have a snap shot of their day.  It’s great to be including and part of their schooling.’


Thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback following the open morning.  We are really pleased that everyone had such a great time!