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Feedback from KS1 and KS2 Open morning November 2017

Feedback from Year 1 parents


‘Great to see structured sessions.  My daughter was a bit upset when I left her classroom.  Later open sessions would stop this happening.’

School response: The open sessions for Reception parents are held in the afternoons for this very reason; however for Year 1 to Year 6 parents we spread the open sessions out so over the year there is a mixture of mornings and afternoons and we cover different days in order to try and provide all parents with the chance to attend.


‘Both classes were working hard with obvious enjoyment for the children, whilst still keeping to the learning objectives. Maintaining control was especially effective in class 1B.  Excellent work all round.’


‘I was happy to see more of the lesson in class today and what happens in the class and what they learn, I was also happy to see my daughter stand up in front of everyone with a question in the feeling box.’


‘Thank you it’s good to know new learning techniques.’


‘Very entertaining will definitely come again.’


‘My daughter liked the interactive learning with her teacher not sure about the American 3D shape song!  She showed good understanding of 3D shapes.’

School response: We won't be using the American song again!


‘Great to see what happens in class, loved hearing Miss Dean read the story with no pictures. The singing was wonderful too.  Thank you.’


‘What a lovely class atmosphere! I arrived as the children were sorting shapes by their names.  All the children were interested and engaged and seemed confident with the challenge – it was well presented in such a good, interactive way.  I loved the story time (The Book with no Pictures) it was so nice to see the kids laughing and enjoying it so much!


‘Lovely to see what the children do in class, as feedback from my son as to what he has done in class can be quite minimal – ie “Nothing!”.’


‘It was lovely to see the boys in a school environment the teachers are both wonderful.’


‘Really useful to see how my son is learning new sounds oe and oa and the rules about when to use them. Really liked the number punch, flashing numbers to make up to 10 – will try and find this to use at home.’


‘Great to see my child do his phonics and maths lessons, thank you.’


‘Very useful to see my child in a learning environment.’


‘Brilliant – gives us a good idea of what the children’s day is like.  Miss Dean is wonderful with the children.’


‘Enjoyed the open session, good to see him in class.’


‘Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to come into the lesson.  It was great to see my child with his classmates and working on his maths.  The group activities were great and the children seemed really engaged.  There is clearly a great rapport between all children and staff.’


Feedback from Year 2 parents


‘Great to be able to see him learning and how the lessons work, also helped my understanding and gave me pointers to help at home.’


‘I enjoyed the morning it gave me the opportunity to see both my girls growing in confidence.  Putting hands up and getting involved in group discussion.  I find these mornings very useful.’


'It was lovely to see my child doing spellings and maths lessons and to see how hard she works in class – very proud.’


‘It was really helpful to see how the children understood maths and worked together in class to solve problems. Lovely to see them all progressing so well.’


‘Positive learning environment.  Children very engaged.  Lots of different tools to use, glad to see my son being stretched in his maths. Love all the displays, Miss Ibison was very kind to give the parents a crash course in maths.’


‘Fantastic to see such a well behaved class and great learning environment.’


Feedback from Year 3 parents


‘I think these mornings should be held before end of school as it is hard for me to get here when working.  I always pick up and this would be so much better.  Many thanks.’

School response: We hold several sessions over the year, some are morning sessions and others are afternoons sessions.  We also ensure that we hold each session on a different day of the week.  We do this is try and make sure that as many parents as possible have the opportunity to attend a session at some point over the year.  Hope that helps you.


‘Miss Charles and Mrs Hardcastle keep the children very engaged in their lessons and interested.  Behaviour is very good from the children.’



‘Great to see the kids in the classroom environment and find out what they are learning about.’


‘The children seemed to enjoy the work and appeared very engaged with Miss Charles.  It is good of the school to allow the parents to witness our child in a classroom environment. Thank you.’


'We enjoyed seeing both classes today.  Miss Charles keeps the fun and enjoyment in her teaching style whilst challenging the children to participate.  Thank you.’


‘I really enjoyed watching the class debate a piece of text from The Twits and really thinking hard for the for and against arguments.’


‘Again I found it very useful and insightful being able to sit in the lessons.  Very impressed with standard/level of teacher knowledge about detail of subject matter.’


Feedback from Year 4 parents


‘Mr O’Dwyer keeps the children engaged and excited during the whole lesson.  The learning hat he passes around adds a real touch of fun.’


‘Love how my child’s teacher connects with the children.  He makes it really fun and interesting for them.’


‘Thank you for the opportunity to come and see classes in action.  It was lovely to get an insight into the learning opportunities provided.’



‘The children were well engaged throughout the session, there was consistent inspiration throughout and any issue were dealt with very quickly.  Overall very impressed.’


‘I really enjoyed watching and joining in with the writing planning session, which was very engaging and enjoyable.  It’s fantastic to see so much progress happening and how much obvious enjoyment my child is getting from his learning.  Thank you letting us come today.’


‘Enjoyed the session, pacey and fun.  Children were very engaged.’


‘Very good my son was enjoying it.  I like the way the class are all smiling while learning.  Love the way they all interact and share work and ideas.’


‘Mr O’Dwyer in particular is really engaging and you can tell the children enjoy working with him.’


‘I attended this in two parts.  First we were talking about writing a descriptive sentence – the children seemed to be enjoying using their imagination and were interested in thinking about what worlds they were going to visit and how they would feel – it’s a shame I had to leave before they wrote their sentences! I arrived back in time for maths the children all seemed to be enjoying it and understood the method.  The class were beautifully behaved! Thank you.’


‘Great story writing, maths good to see different levels being worked on.’


‘Really interesting class good to listen to an English lesson.’


Feedback from Year 5 parents


‘Lovely to see all children engaged and enjoying their lesson.  Learnt a few things too!’


‘Absolutely loved the open day, enjoyed watching the children work and interact with each other.  Will definitely be coming again, fantastic idea.’


‘I have really enjoyed sitting with my child whilst she wrote a diary entry about the trenches in WW2.  It was lovely to see the improvement in her writing after she had re-drafted – very proud.’


‘Past and Present tense and writing – The children are challenged in a fun and engaging way.  My child clearly loves participating in class as do the other children.  The variation in teaching and learning styles helps keep the pupils really engaged.’


‘My child was very focused in her lesson she appeared to understand and was able to discuss with her learning partner.  I liked the way all the children’s contributions were valued.’


‘I really enjoyed watching the class engaging in the subject tasks they were doing.  A very nice class and thoroughly enjoyable, thank you.’



Feedback from Year 6 parents


'We enjoyed seeing both classes today.  Mr Chapman really gets the children to think and challenges them.  Thank you.’



‘The children seemed interested and engaged.  Miss Brayshay has an excellent teaching style and you could see this in her interaction with the children.’


‘Mr Chapman's teaching is fabulous.  He involves every single child, getting them to participate even if they try to shy away.  The children are so interested and eager to get involved.  Behaviour was impeccable again.’