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Feedback from KS2 Parents Open morning April 2015

‘Interesting to see how children behave in class (all children were well behaved) and how they are taught.  I enjoyed the surprise mail and DVD!’


‘It’s been very interesting to see how the children were doing maths.  Got some ideas to do at home to.  Very happy to see how it was taught and how the children do it.  Could spend the whole day with the class.  Very interesting.’


‘Maths  – Great simple explanations.  The children seemed comfortable with what they were doing.’


‘I enjoyed the opportunity to visit my child’s class and to join in the Numeracy/Literacy lesson. The teaching of fractions and decimals had a good link to measure which made it easy for the children to understand.  Loved the start of the literacy lesson with the use of the giant’s letter and CD.’


‘I really enjoyed been able to sit in on my child’s lesson and witnessing first had how she is taught.  Very good open session.  I hope I will be able to make another on a Friday.’


‘Wow the DVD from the giant was something else! The children really enjoyed watching it and I’m sure they’re going to write some excellent stories from this.’


‘Great to see fun ways to practice times tables that engage the children and can also be done at home.’


‘Really enjoyed visiting today.  I especially liked the use of interactive learning tools (eg.  DVD of giant!) and the opportunity to help my child one-to-one and some of her friends too.’


‘When I got there my child told me he was bored, I know he finds maths easy but is there a way he could be more challenged?’


‘What an engaging lesson! The children obviously love Mr B’s lessons and with good reason this enthusiasm shows through everything they do.  I’m astounded at the level of work achieved by Year 4 children.  Well done.’


‘Really good lesson.’


‘Fantastic and creative lesson with lots of fun.  Never seen my child so excited to write! Thank you.’


‘A fabulous lesson.  I understand why Mr Bradshaw is a favourite with the children.  It was fun and instructive, just how teaching should be.’


'Excellent lesson – a privilege to be able to attend.  The children were all really enjoying the activities and it was fun to see how they responded to the variety of stimuli.  I would appreciate a short break in the middle – or if the session was shorter – 2 hours is a long chunk of time!’  Thank you for having us Mr Bradshaw!‘


‘Fantastic humour used in class which children all enjoyed.  It was great to see them praising each other during the story dice topic.  The kahoots session was fantastic enjoyed by all including me.  It was great for the parents to be involved.  Another great morning which I really enjoyed and appreciate the invite into class – thank you.’


‘Had great fun in 4CB’s literacy class whilst learning lots at the same time.  Children were animated and well behaved as always.’


‘Stig of the Dump! Fantastic.  I remember reading this at school when I was younger the tasks we have done in class are a great way to make a story come to life.’


‘I really enjoyed the reading class the children all enjoyed the session and it made the children really think about the characters in the book.’


‘My child was really engaged as were the whole class.  Great to see them all so involved and enthusiastic.’


‘All children participate in learning which is great to see and hear.  I think that “Topic” is a fantastic way of learning.’


‘Another enjoyable lesson great to see all of the kids involved.  Thank you.’


‘Really enjoyed learning about the rainforest this morning!’


‘I enjoyed sitting in on 5R’s lesson today and watching them do the Dear Diary.  The children are all very well behaved.  Well done 5R.’


‘Really enjoyed this morning’s open session, learning about writing diaries.’


‘Very interesting class – making a movie, quite challenging and fun, nice change from studying for SATs.’


‘An interesting lesson using ICT to create a movie.  Great to see how the children interact with each other and take ownership of a project.  The children were all engaged with what they were doing and was a break from thinking about SATs.’


‘Lovely to see how year 6 have matured in their learning and general demeanour.  Great to give them a fun learning project during their SAT’s year.’


‘Good to see that year 6 are still doing fun activities in the run up to SAT’s.’