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Feedback KS2 Parent Open afternoon November 2013

Enjoyed seeing how the kids are taught.  As I am not any good at art it was interesting to see breaking down a picture and showing Quentin Blake pictures.’


‘The class was really informative for the children they listened really well and enjoyed it.  It was good to be able to join in as well.’


‘Very good to see what he is learning and very nice to be involved.’


‘I loved watching the group learn a completely new skill, where they were developing at such a tremendous rate!  What a super art lesson- lots of fun to watch- I wanted to join in!  Thank you for letting me come and watch and listen.’


‘Great lesson!  Fun and Informative!’


‘A thoroughly engaging lesson!  I loved the idea of compiling a quiz for classmates to answer.  Many thanks for the opportunity to visit again!’


‘Thank you for having us this afternoon.  We really enjoyed being part of such a busy and active lesson!  The children were obviously really enjoying it!’


‘Lovely to see the discussion of differing views- did not expected it at this age- very reassuring to see. Thank you.’


‘A very interesting class.  The children obviously enjoyed using a different tool for drawing and it was interesting to see that they all worked in different ways and they were free to do so (as it should be in art)  I just wished parents could have had a go too!’


‘I really enjoyed this afternoons session, it gave me an opportunity to see my child in her day to day school work.  I found Miss Tabberer to be very engaging with the children yet fully in control of the more excitable children.  The subject covered (art- Quentin Blake) was very enlightening and fun based.’


‘Really good fun, Miss Tabberer is fantastic at making the subject interesting and appealing. The only negative was that I felt my child showed off a bit.’


‘Lively and interesting.  Good to see the consistency between the two classes.’


‘A really interesting lesson, even I learnt a few things!  The class got really involved with the new subject.  Great!’


‘My child’s class were doing art – Quentin Blake.  Everyone really enjoyed it and had lots of ideas. The class were so well behaved. Really enjoyed working with my child.  Interesting to see how they are learning to draw people.’


‘The Victorian topic was quite interesting but I felt that when teacher was talking about it and explaining she could have done it more enthusiastically.  I do like the coloured cups that have been introduced though and felt the class was well-controlled and interested in the topic.’

School response: Teachers has different styles and methods they use when teaching the children at different times.  This teacher can be very enthusiastic when delivering learning so it may be that she chose a more calm approach for this particular lesson.


‘The science experiment that the children were doing was interesting and the children were excited about measuring each other’s femurs and then measuring how high they could jump.  Miss Cowles was animated when explaining how they had to measure their legs and as an example had a child measure their femur.  Her instructions were clear and concise.  I would have loved to do an experiment like that when I was their age.  However I do feel that all the children should have worn coats outside as it was bitterly cold, but maybe I’m just soft, the staff wore their coats though.  All in all an enjoyable experience.

School response: If playtimes are anything to go by I would say adults certainly feel the cold more than the children!  The teachers didn’t feel the children would be outside very long and so it would waste valuable learning time getting coats etc. but it’s a fair point and one will we consider in the future. Thank you. 


‘The children seem to really enjoy the topic and take time to consider their own point of view as well as listen to their class mates.  It is very interesting for me to see how my child interacts in class.’


Thank you all for taking the time to give us your feedback following the open afternoon.  We are really pleased that everyone had such a great time!