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Feedback from Reception Open afternoons April 2016

‘Was really good to see the children doing the interactive story session outside, these sessions are really helpful to see how my child is when he is at school.’


‘Pleasant environment. Good resources. Various learning activities. Good classroom management. However, size of room is a bit on the small side. Hopefully the new building will provide a bigger classroom to accommodate the number of pupils.’

School response:  The classrooms in the new building will be slightly bigger than the temporary building so there should be plenty of room!

‘Lovely to see them outside doing the singing and movement. Lovely opportunity to see how their learning is progressing.’


‘Great to see the children happy engaging in free play.’


‘I have really enjoyed seeing how they have transformed the classroom.  My child was very excited to show me.  I always enjoy watching my child play with her friends and seeing how different she is with them compared to how she interacts with her sister.  The teachers were amazing as always.  Thank you for the opportunity again to see her work and see her learning.’


‘Teachers seem to be in control as there are a large number of children to control.  A nice variety of activities for the children.  A great insight to see how reception classes operate.’


‘My child and I enjoyed the outside session.  He loves his time at school.’


‘It was lovely to see what my child gets up at school.  It was much easier to attend the open session this time round as there were more dates available to fit around work commitments. Thank you!’

School response:  We're delighted you could make it.


‘My child loves that in Reception she is learning about fairy tales.  Nice session outside doing music and drama to the fairy tale stories.  Mrs Hicks rock as a DJ!’