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Feedback from Reception Open afternoons November 2016

 ‘It was good to see her in the classroom environment and I’m glad there was discussion around phonics with Miss Heslop.  It would also be good to see her when there are more structured lessons such as group time on the carpet or reading etc.  Overall it was good.’


‘Really good afternoon with my child.  Next time would I be able to bring my son, as finding child care is difficult.  My child enjoyed interacting with others and showing me all the various parts of her classroom.’



 ‘Thank you for a lovely afternoon. I am very pleased with the progress Lola is making.  The staff are all very approachable and helpful.  A wonderful start to her school career.’


 ‘Thank you for holding the open afternoon.  It is interesting to see the school in action.’


 ‘Spending time in the class was very beneficial to see my child in a school environment and interacting with both the children and staff.  It was good to spend time with Miss Heslop to see how best to teach my child sounds and words.  It was also nice to speak to the teaching staff and gain an insight to how my child is at school.  Visiting the class will make it easier to speak to him about school.’


 ‘Lovely to see the children in their class setting.  My child enjoyed sharing with me all the things they play with daily.  The class had a lovely calm feel and behaviour was brilliant.  Thank you for the chat Miss Heslop.’


 ‘Very impressed with all the resources available.  The behaviour of the children is very good considering the normal routine was disrupted.  Thank you for allowing us to visit.’


 ‘It was lovely to come in on Monday and see first-hand how much my child is settling in.  I had to leave early to get back to work but wish I could have stayed longer.  I hope to be able to come to future sessions like this (if you offer them!)’

School response: We will be running further parent sessions in the Spring term.


 ‘I really enjoyed the open session, I think the length it was on for was very good it was lovely to see the children in action with their friends.  I think it was good that the children got to take the lead in showing us the different areas. Maybe next time we could see some of the focussed activities in action so we can follow it on at home consistently to help with learning.  I also thought the idea of booking a slot was a really good idea and could be used throughout the whole school?  (As year 4 only have 1 day available and I always seem to be working on that day.’

School response:   We will certainly organise some more structured sessions such as phonics for the next Reception open sessions.  With regards to booking slots for KS2, we don’t generally get as many parents visiting for the KS2 open sessions as we do in Reception.  The reason we offer Reception open sessions over the week is because we get so many parents and we don’t want the children to feel overwhelmed but this is not an issue in KS2. We do make sure over the year each KS2 session is on a different day of the week so for those parents that don’t work full-time, we hope will be able to make it to at least one session. 


 ‘Lovely to see my child interacting and playing so happily and cleaning up!’


 ‘I enjoyed spending time at my child’s open day.   Liked seeing what she does at school and what she has improved on.  My child was happy to see me and show me around and all her friends too.’


 ‘I felt the session was very useful especially since she has just started in reception.  It is good to understand that she has settled in well and has friends to play with.  Also it is good to have time with the teacher to understand area’s she is doing well in and also what we need to focus on.’


 ‘I loved the calm! So many activity stations to check out – gave me lots of ideas for home – loads to catch the kids interest and get them concentrating.  My child tried to hog the computer at one point – his friends were very patient or content to help him over his shoulder until he gave up his seat but I wonder how you manage turn-taking usually – is there a 5 minute changeover or similar?’


 ‘Lovely to see my child in her classroom environment, especially nice that limited number of parents – less distraction for other children.  Thank you.’


 ‘My child enjoyed showing me what she was learning and how she got lolly pop sticks for completing a task.  It was re-assuring to see how settled my child is within her new school environment and how confident she was linking with staff for support if needed.  A big thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to the next open session.’


 ‘I absolutely loved visiting my child in class for the afternoon.  I found it really helpful seeing how my child interacts with his friends and to see what he enjoys doing.  Mrs Bennett, your class is very calming and I could clearly see why my child enjoys school so much.  At story time I was amazed at how much the children knew about the book, having only heard the story once.  I would love to hear about challenges etc. as my child does not share a lot of information with us!  You are all doing a fantastic job! And we feel very lucky that our child loves his school.’


 ‘Great interaction with the children Indigo looked very comfortable with other kids and teachers.  My child looked very relaxed with different learning.’


 ‘I have enjoyed my visit to the classroom.  It has been interesting to see what my child does at school.  I have got some hints and tips of things I can do at home with him.’


 ‘It was insightful to see my child interacting with the other children and Miss Heslop.  It was nice seeing him play at school.’


 ‘It’s really great being able to witness them in the classroom environment and get more tips on how we can help at home.  Thank you.’



 ‘Lovely to see him in class.  Thank you for letting us have this opportunity. Especially as we have been able to ask some questions that we’ve not had a chance to do.’


 ‘Really enjoyed the chance to be part of a normal school day to see the kind of things my child gets involved in.  Nice to hear about what we need to work on for improvement.  Great to see all of the resources and different awards, plus the social interaction between my child and his buddies.’


 ‘It was lovely to have the chance to see my child in his class environment and to have more of an insight as to what they can do in class.  It was also good to have individual support and advice on how to help my child with his words and writing.  Thank you.’


 ‘Very enjoyable! I loved seeing my child at school and how she interacts.  Thank you. A Wonderful afternoon.’


 ‘Very interesting spending the afternoon in his shoes and seeing what he gets up to and how he interacts with others.’


 ‘It was really lovely to see my child in his school environment as he doesn’t tell me very much about his time at school.  It was helpful to have some one-to-one time with Miss Heslop to hear how phonics and writing is going.  I’d welcome more tips on how to help my child keep developing in those areas.’


 ‘Really useful seeing what they’re learning and how it is delivered.  Good to see her happy in school and who she plays with.  Loved having the session with my child and Miss Heslop.  Keep up the good work.’


 ‘Was very helpful to see what my child needs help with at home.  It was lovely to see my child playing and singing.’


 ‘We both really enjoyed spending time in our child’s class today.  She loved showing us everything she plays with in school.  It was great to hear how well she is doing with her phonics.  She is very happy at school.  Thank you for everything.’


 ‘Was a wonderful opportunity to come and spend the afternoon with my child at school and see what he does.  He was very excited to show me round and introduce me to his friends.  Gave me a real insight into all the brilliant activities he gets to partake in being part of Springbank School.  Thank you.  Lovely to spend time with Miss Heslop too and see how he’s getting on at phonics.’


‘I really enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time in my child’s class and be shown the different areas of the classroom.  It was also really helpful to spend some time with Miss Heslop to discuss how my child is getting on with her writing and maths, including what she needs to work on next.  I didn’t realise that this would happen so a real bonus to coming in – thank you.’


 ‘A really lovely afternoon! The children are all so happy in their learning.  Really good to have an opportunity to see and discuss progress following parents evening.  I was concerned about my child and her social skills but I left feeling much happier.  She absolutely loves school, thank you.’


 ‘Thank you it was lovely to be part of my child’s school day.  I’ve noticed my child doesn’t do much creative play in writing/painting/gluing zone areas.  Is this a boy thing? Or something I can work on at home?’


 ‘I really enjoyed coming and watching my child in her class.  I liked the fact that all the children sat nicely and listened to the teacher.  Thank you for all the hard work the teachers and teaching assistants do.'