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Feedback from Reception Open afternoons March 2018

Feedback from Reception parents


‘Really enjoyed the session and thank you for the opportunity.’


 ‘Thank you very much for all you’ve done so far for all of us.  Especially supporting me recently and for protecting my daughter.  I appreciate your kindness.  Kind regards.’


 ‘Lovely to come in and see both carpet work and free choice activities.  My daughter is a lot more settled and it’s great to see how she’s come on in relationships with her class mates and staff alike.  Thank you for all your hard work.’


 ‘It was lovely to see my son settled in class.  When I walked in he was writing a story about knights, skeletons and ghosts with pictures too.  He answered questions within the group on the carpet so nice to see and hear him getting excited.  Very happy with his progress this term.’


 ‘I really enjoyed coming in and seeing the children working.  He is loving school and it was lovely to get an insight into what he is doing whilst he is with you.'


 ‘I enjoyed the afternoon and particularly found it interesting to see how the teacher taught maths.  It is something I can use at home with my child.  I felt that the “all in” “all out” worked out better that the choice the children had last time and it was good to see my daughter interact with the wider class (and next door) after hearing about so many of them.  I appreciate that this was due to circumstances but I liked it.’


 ‘I love coming in to spend time in class with my daughter.  It’s great to see what she enjoys to do as I rarely get information out of her at home! Thank you for all you do.’


 ‘Comments from my parents (my child’s grandparents) – We found it bright, relaxing, inviting and the technology was fantastic.  I especially liked how the lessons and playtimes work together.  Lovely teachers and teaching assistants.  A very warm environment for the children.’


 ‘It was wonderful to be able to spend a little bit of time with my son today.  He seemed to enjoy showing me around the different areas and pointing out the things he had made – such as the stick insect! It was also lovely to see how well behaved the children were for the teachers.  Although I’ve tried to mirror some of their techniques and I don’t seem to have the same effect.  Really nice to see a lesson in practice and story time at the end too.  Thank you for having me.’


‘She was so excited when I came in to her class and loved showing me around.  It was great to see all the different area’s and what she gets up to!’


 ‘I really appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to come into school and share some of my son’s day.  Thank you.’


‘Thank you for the invite to spend an afternoon with our daughter and everyone.  Had a great time sharing and learning and we really enjoyed watching the superhero counting story unfold.  Our daughter really enjoyed showing us everything and we played in the areas with the girls.  Thanks again hope you do another session soon.’