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Feedback from KS1 and KS2 Open morning October 2018

Feedback from Year 1 parents


‘We really enjoyed the ‘real classroom’ experience seeing the children being taught and not just playing.  The interaction between the children was great.  We didn’t feel that having siblings in the classroom was a good idea as they were very distracting.’


‘The session was lovely and it was nice to see the children both playing and doing a learning task.  Miss Wood has a lovely manner with the children and all of them have a good relationship with her and each other.  A really good session – thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.’


‘Lovely to watch.  Like that they tick off the different areas that they study in.  She is learning well and seems very happy.  Miss Wood has gained the children’s respect early which is good and it’s nice to see that they listen well to her.’


‘I really enjoyed the insight into what my child does each day as he tells me very little at the end of school.  I like the combination of structured group learning and free play.   Do the groups rotate (the groups change which children are in them)?  Would be good for him to mingle with other children.  He seems easily distracted by certain children.’


‘Wonderful to be welcomed into my child’s class.  Great to see the interactive learning styles and how well behaved the children were. Thanks Miss Wood.’


‘Thank you very much for having us in, it’s so helpful to see what goes on in the classroom – we get told so little at home by the children that it helps to have ideas we can ask about!  It seemed a really friendly and positive atmosphere. Thank you!’


‘Lovely selection of activities and systems of working out who can go where.  Thank you for tolerating the toddlers too.’


‘Lovely to see the structure of the morning’s learning in comparison to Reception.  I really enjoyed seeing what they were learning in topic work and being able to be involved. Thanks for a great morning!’


‘She painted a house with a straw roof great use of colours.  Then she joined her red team in assembling a collage of facts.  She showed good scissor skills and identified subject.  She also tidied up – better than she does at home! – good behaviour from all the class, all very attentive.’


‘I really enjoyed this opportunity to spend time with my daughter.  Thank you for all your efforts I believe if we know the details of what they are learning each week we can support them practising at home.’


‘Excellent visit thank you.’


‘Lovely to watch the children in a lesson environment.  He was excited I was coming in and enjoyed showing me the challenge.’


‘Really great thanks very much.’


‘I thoroughly enjoyed my time in class today and think it is a great idea I am really looking forward to the next one.  The children’s learning is clearly varied and interactive.  Miss Dean is a great teacher to observe she really hold the children’s attention.’


‘Great class atmosphere, my two year old did not want to leave.’


‘It was lovely to see my daughter in Year 1 and the difference from Reception.  They were learning about fiction and non-fiction books.’


Feedback from Year 2 parents


‘It was great to sit in class and see the lessons, particularly the maths lesson it gave an insight into how lessons are taught and what the children are learning, this will help with learning at home.’


‘Really love the opportunity to come and see my child in her class.’


‘Really positive engaged relaxed classroom atmosphere – the children around the table nearest to me got straight on with each task, had time to focus on their own work and were relaxed enough to enjoy a bit of chat without ever getting silly and they were keen to hear the next question from the front.  I really enjoyed being there.  Beautiful displays too! Mrs Ibison gave lots of praise comments in as she went through the lesson.’


‘Another good insight into both boys school day.  It was good to see the transition from Year 1 to Year 2.'


‘Very pleased with my child’s progress, would like to see her put her hand up more to answer questions, even if she is wrong just to be more involved, maybe this will come in time.’


‘The teaching methods are varied and amazing! The children all seem to enjoy their learning.  My child seems to hide at the back and I’m not sure he listens as he was mostly not following instructions (something I’ll have to work on with him).  I wish teaching was like this when I was at school.  So glad he came here.’


‘My child was practising her handwriting, she showed confidence and persistence.’


‘Didn’t see much as it was play time unfortunately and my child was doing indoor play the rest of the time.  Think her teacher did well to manage the class on her own.’


‘I enjoyed both sessions (both children) – I did prefer the previous sessions when my child was in Year 3 and my other child was in Mrs Bennett’s reception class only because I felt we were able to speak more about what they were learning.  Mrs Bennett took the time to talk to the adults and show us the work our children had been doing. However, I did enjoy seeing them both and seeing how they interact with their friends and I enjoyed talking to the other children too.’


‘It’s been a lovely afternoon being able to come into school and see everything that the children are learning, they are all very clever I’m so happy my daughters come to this school.  Also the teachers are absolutely amazing.’


‘Thanks for letting us come in today, great to see the class in action.  The children were very engaged in the maths activity.  Great to see the use of lots of resources – white board, number blocks and maths books.  Children all appeared engaged during handwriting practice too.  A lovely class.’


‘From what I have seen today all the children in class are very interested in the subjects being taught.‘


‘Very structured and gave me a better understanding of what my son tells us at home.’


‘Really interesting to see what happens in the classroom.’


‘Very good attention even though visitors present, children’s interest maintained throughout, brilliant interaction, focused learning, quick paced lesson, plenty of praise given to encourage.’


‘Very impressive.’


‘Great to see different ways they learn maths – different techniques and to see the children engaging and focused on their work.’


‘Very good enjoyed maths – very organised by the teacher.’


Feedback from Year 3 parents


‘Lovely class environment.  It was an engaging lesson and all the children were respectful and enjoying learning – all children encouraged to contribute.’


‘All the children seemed really engaged, thank you.’


‘A very informative lesson, broken down into small tasks very clear I really enjoyed it.’


‘Really interesting subject matter, learning partners could have worked better together – doing their own thing a bit.’


‘The teacher gave instructions very clearly she included all of the children in activities.  Very interesting.’


‘An interactive class learning all about how to construct a piece of writing using sentences, sub-headings and paragraphs.  All children were engaged in their learning.’


Feedback from Year 4 parents


‘My son missed two days this week due to illness so he was unsure what to do.  He didn’t seem to get much support so I had to help him understand what to do.  Once started he understood the task – sewing.’


‘My daughter in Year 4 was cross stitching which she struggles with so luckily I was there to help.’


‘Lovely to see them being creative with their sewing and working so independently and enjoying it.  Lovely atmosphere in class.’


‘Enjoyed the morning open session – even if I had to delve into the depths of my memory to help my child do his cross stitch – tricky indeed.’


‘I enjoyed joining in with the sewing lesson, it was something different.’


‘Absolutely loved today’s sewing lesson with the children.  Took me back to my childhood.’ 


‘Cross Stitch amazing.’


‘Lots of fun in class today – helping with sewing.  Very enjoyable, I was expecting maths so sewing was a nice surprise.  The children seemed very relaxed.’


‘Lovely session, thank you.’


‘Lovely to see my child so settled and enjoying the sewing lesson.’


‘Really enjoy being able to come into class.’


‘Lovely morning creating a piece of needlework.’


‘Great sewing lesson, definitely harder than it looks.’


‘Overall very good enjoying helping sewing – good teamwork by the children – one child on my child’s table chatted constantly though which was distracting for others.’


‘Lovely to see all the class sewing very friendly nice class.  Nice to see the teacher take control and all class listen.  Enjoyed – thank you.’


‘What fun we had sewing! The children were really enjoying the challenge and it was good to see how proud they were of the work.  Thanks for letting me have a go too.’


Feedback from Year 5 parents


‘Great to see my child working in class and playing the violin.  Great activities and all children were happy and involved.’


‘Really nice to see my child in his new classroom.  His new teacher seems very good with the children.’


‘From what I saw in class today children very interested In subjects being taught, children in 5O all wanted to help each other.’


‘Great lesson, tested my skills.’


‘Good class discussion and great way of explaining estimation.  Class was engaged and interested.’


‘Really engaging lesson.  Quick changes of questions keeps the kids attention.’


‘The atmosphere was calm and purposeful.  Thank you.’


‘Good to meet Miss Ferguson hello! I was impressed by how long the kids were able to stay focused on the estimating tasks – the questions ‘why would you estimate’ and ‘would you round to the nearest 10. 100 or 1000’ could have loads of answers but they were mature enough to listen to each other’s reasoning and relate it to a context and not get restless when the answers aren’t as black and white as in times tables.’


‘Great maths lesson – really well explained.’


Feedback from Year 6 parents


‘Great interactive lesson about D-Day children had chance to discuss what they have seen.  Very relaxed atmosphere but all children were interested and on task.  Very informative. Thanks Miss Brayshay.’


‘Love the diverse range of teaching methods – answers located with QR codes watching a film and asking questions – I even learned things about the D-Day landings.’


‘Always enjoy open sessions, fantastic teaching about the war, very interesting and informative.’


‘Lesson fast paced and kept kids attention.  They seemed to enjoy using their I-Pads to help them with their learning.’


‘Fabulous to see the children working in their everyday environment.  Really enjoyed it.’


‘Great lesson children engaged and enjoying the lesson.  Lovely to watch.’


'Very interesting history lesson although disappointing that my child was not picked to answer questions as she seemed pleased to impress me.'