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Drama Workshops for Years 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 were visited this week by a pair of actors taking part in some drama workshops. The play told the story of a boy (Callum) who had gone to spend a few days with his Grandad and the resulting discoveries they make about each other's life. The actor playing the part of Grandad interacted with the children in the audience constantly throughout the drama by asking them to explain to him what they thought was happening and why Callum was behaving in the way he was. They were also asked to advise him about how he should speak to the boy character and what he should do next in the story. Underlying the drama was a theme of domestic violence which was cleverly entwined into the story by the use of Pinocchio toys; this allowed the children to give advice to the characters about a serious subject but in an age-appropriate, sedate and controlled manner. The children were enthralled from beginning to end and came up with some fantastic ideas and advice for the characters in the production. Afterwards, the gentlemen who ran the workshops were extremely complimentary about our school and the quality of discussion and thoughtfulness shown by our children.  Well done Year 5 and 6!