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Maths Problem Solving at Springbank

Children from all year groups have had the chance to take part in a 'Fun Maths Workshop' where they worked in pairs to try and find the solutions to as many practical problems as they could. There were lots of different resources for the children to use and the problems covered a variety of different thinking skills such as logic, shape puzzles and finding rules. The children loved this way of learning and got lots out of it; they enjoyed thinking independently and their perseverance paid off as there was genuine joy each time a solution was found! As part of the new 2014 maths curriculum, 'problem solving' skills are becoming more and more prevalent and we will continue to emphasise the importance of skills such as resilience and perseverance when faced with a challenge whilst exposing the children to as many different types of puzzles and problems to solve as possible. Have a look at some of our photographs of the workshops to see the kind of puzzles the children were solving.