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Equalities Week 'All Different All Equal'

This week has been equalities week across Springbank, with lessons being dedicated to the theme ‘All different, all equal’. The children have loved the opportunities to learn about race equality, gender equality and disabilities and mental health. The school has been buzzing with discussion as children have been given lots of opportunities to think about the difference between treating everyone the same and treating everyone equally. It has been amazing to see how the children’s thoughts on equality have developed over this week.


Children explored race equality and discussed the treatment of different races throughout history. Different year groups looked at a range of inspirational people including Ruby Bridges, Stephen Lawrence and Dr Martin Luther King junior and thought about the lessons these people could teach us. All year groups had discussions about stereotypes and what it means to be British by looking at images of people and asking what assumptions we might make about their nationality, job, wealth and home life. It was very thought provoking!


Gender equality threw up all kinds of viewpoints for discussion. When the Year 1 teachers told all the boys to go out and play and the girls to stay in and tidy up, only one boy challenged it saying it was not fair, which lead to some great conversations about jobs around the home.


You can find out more about what each year group focused on via the class pages of the website.