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International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, the whole school thought about how we can challenge gender stereotypes.   There was some super discussion about how we can unintentionally stereotype men and women be using statements such as 'Man up', 'Boy's don't cry' and 'You throw like a girl'.  All year groups focused on the stories of some inspirational women such as Florence Nightingale, Mary Kingsley (the explorer), Amelia Earhart, Nicola Adams and Malala Yousazaind.  Some children examined educational opportunities for girls around the world and were shocked to find out that there are still parts of the world where women cannot vote.  Overall it was a really though provoking day and we hope it increased the children's understanding that they can all do any job they aspire to and they all have the right to be treated fairly in every aspect of life, no matter what their gender.