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Karate club children achieve their belt

On Wednesday 12th February, 18 children from the after-school karate club took part in their first grading to achieve their first belts on the road towards their black belt!  The atmosphere in the school hall was very tense as the children demonstrated the required moves, watched on by lots of parents and other family members.  15 children successfully passed their 12th kyu grading (yellow & white belt) and 3 passed their 9th kyu (orange belt).


Sensei Nick carried out the assessment for the gradings and said he was impressed by the standard.  He thought that in particular Archie in Y4 and Woody in Y3 did good gradings and that Joshua in Y3 had very strong punches and focussed techniques.  The 3 children who passed to orange belt did particularly well as this is a higher belt with a harder grading criteria, so very well done to them!


A special well done goes to Harleen in Y6 who Sensei Nick thought did the best grading on the day and she walked away with the student of the week trophy for the second time since the club started!  An excellent achievement! 


A massive well done to all the children; this is a real achievement and you should be very proud of yourselves!