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Visit from Mrs Nalini Iyer from our link Indian school

Springbank was delighted to receive a visit from Mrs Iyer, from our partner school in India. She joined us last Tuesday morning and each class had plenty to share.

Mrs Iyer was impressed by the learning that she saw in all of the classes throughout the school and particularly enjoyed some brilliant presentations from years 5 and 6. Year 3 shared their mummy making as part of their ‘Can you walk like an Egyptian?’ topic.

Her visit though, was of particular interest to year 4 who interviewed her as part of their ‘What would my life be like in India?’ topic. The children were really enthused by having a visitor who could share so much first-hand experience.

A real high point of the week was a super country dance assembly where each class had the chance to share some traditional dancing.

The link is set to continue with year 5 planning to share their ‘Is there anybody out there?’ presentations and doing some collaborative science learning with the pupils of our partner school.