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Water Safety assembly

On Thursday the Key Stage 2 children had a water safety talk from two volunteers from the Leeds canal and river trust. This talk was very informative and the volunteers told children about the dangers of canals and rivers in the local area. Using a model torso dummy (named Dave), the adults created a situation were someone had been playing by a canal with their friend and had fallen in. They then asked the children what to do in this situation; some children came up with sensible suggestions but weren't really sure about how they could help safely. After the discussion about how to help this person that had fallen in the canal, the adults then suggested a number of things children could safely do to help in this situation. The talk was very interactive and children were asked to come to the front to have a go at using objects the adults had brought along to try and save Dave the dummy. As well as discussing what to do if someone was to fall in a canal or river, the adults also showed children a number of life jackets that they should wear if they were to do any water sports. This was very useful as they explained how different life jackets work and why they are important to wear!  It was a very interactive and engaging talk with an important message that is very relevant to children living in the local area! Let's stay safe and remember the messages from the Leeds canal and river trust!