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Year 3 outdoor learning

Year 3 have been learning all about herbs, smelling and tasting them and identifying which herbs can be used for different purposes whether it is in cooking or used in cosmetics.

They have taken lots of cuttings and sown some seeds to see if they can grow more herb plants.


The children have also been learning about soil and all about worms and how valuable they are to the environment. They have had lots of fun constructing their own wormery which they observed over a couple of weeks to see how worms work underneath the ground.


They learnt how to make compost and what could and could not be composted and began their own compost heap.  The plan is to use this compost next year for potting on their cuttings.


The children worked hard raking up the fallen leaves in the garden which we didn’t just throw away.  We have made heaps of the leaves which will turn into leafmould after about 2 years! The children will have to come back when they are in year 5 to see what has happened!


They went on to learn about different structures of soil and because our soil is very heavy clay they were able to use this to model into some lovely creations. We all had very muddy hands at the end of this session!


Year 3 enjoyed lots of games and hot chocolate in their final session of the year and we made a very large 2D sculpture of a Christmas tree.