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Year 5 Exhibition of Learning Challenge work 'Is there anybody out there?'

On Thursday afternoon Year 5 set up an exhibition to show off all the fantastic work they have been doing throughout their ‘Is there anybody out there?’ topic.

On display were the newspaper reports that the children decided to write when we first discovered the mysterious piece of metal in the playground; the presentations they did on the planets in our solar system; science fiction stories that were inspired by ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’; pieces of artwork; video presentations and much more.

The year 5 children acted as great guides to all the parents and children who came to look at their work and they were clearly very proud of what they had achieved and rightly so! From talking to children and parents is it obvious that the children have thoroughly enjoyed this learning challenge; they have been completed engaged and motivated and as a result produced some super work. Well done year 5!