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Year 5/6 Production 'Five go back to the future.'

The curtain has fallen on another Year 5 and 6 production with the children still humming hits from the 80s in every corner of the school. This year's production saw the 'real' story of Enid Blyton's famous five: Five go back to the Future. The tale explained how the five become entangled in an adventure with their uncle to go and rescue Timmy the Dog who has become stuck in the future. However, the story takes an unexpected turn as Uncle Emmett's time machine (disguised as a Gramophone Player to avoid the clutches of thieves) becomes broken and the adventurers find themselves bouncing around time trying to get home. With every stop they must make sure not to influence the future accidentally in any way; fortunately this is no problem as they only bump into a random selection of young musicians and what impact could they possibly have on the future of mankind? It was a thoroughly enjoyable performance that included all the usual aspect of music and dance as well as some wonderful acting performances with particular attention being paid to the five of Lucca (Julian) Geordie (Dick) Katie (George) Maddy (Anne) and Archie (Timmy). All of the actors put huge amounts of effort into learning their lines and giving up their personal time for the production. Well done to everyone involved