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Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena

On Tuesday 15th January, 24 children from Key Stage 2 took part in The Young Voices concert at FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield. This was a very exciting day for us all as the children have been working hard to learn songs, harmonies and dance moves as part of Singing Club since September.  The day started with a long but really fun rehearsal in which the children really gave it their all for almost 3 hours. After a break of tea, families started to arrive. This year, we were very lucky to have seats down at the bottom, which meant that our families could come and say hello so that was really lovely for our children.  When the lights went down and the children began to sing, it really was a magical moment. Amidst over 5000 other children from schools all over Yorkshire, I have to say that our children really shone. Their energy and enthusiasm was evident throughout the whole concert and they sang their hearts out. Their behaviour was second to none and I am beyond proud at how they conducted themselves all through the day and evening.  Well done to all the children who took part and thank you to families for all your support. We absolutely love being part of the Young Voices choir and we can’t wait until next year.